Amanda Tapping: 10 years of Twitter

Amanda’s first profile image

Today is Amanda Tapping’s 10-year Twitter anniversary!

Amanda first tweeted on the 8th of October 2009. It was actually Ming-Na (Camille Wray in Stargate Universe) who got her into Twitter. Being a well-loved actress, she quickly gained followers (3000 within two days!) and reached over 100,000 followers in May 2013.

Besides using Twitter to first promote Sanctuary and later her other work, she’s used it to connect with fans and co-workers and share thoughts as well as tidbits of her life.
Time to look back at some funny, inspiring, touching and interesting tweets:

Some tweets from #TappingTuesday. If you don’t know or remember #TappingTuesday, it’s something she started soon after joining Twitter where once a week she would answer questions from fans. Sadly, it was discontinued once Sanctuary ended.
Edit: You can now find all questions and answers here.

Something to make you smile:


She sometimes doesn’t get twitter. Particularly how to correctly reply to direct messages…


A few more inspiring / thought-provoking tweets:


And a final tweet:

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