Amanda in a Video for a DGC Campaign & Stargate Tweetstorm

Amanda Tapping had a small appearance in a video for DGC’s Just Watch Us campaign back in September of this year. I hadn’t seen it previously, so I’m only sharing it now.

The DGC (Directors Guild of Canada) is a national labour organization of which Amanda has been a member for a few years. It represents personnel in the screen-based industry, including directors and producers. Just Watch Us is a campaign promoting BC (British Columbia) directors. Their website has a list of directors, allowing visitors to search and filter for criteria like experience, genre, language or production types. Currently, there are 64 directors listed. Amanda’s profile is here.

Stargate fans will remember the Stargate tweetstorm of March 2018, initiated by Joseph Mallozzi, writer and executive producer in all three Stargate series. #StargateRising did trend with over 100’00 tweets and several of the cast and crew members, including Amanda, joined the twitter storm.
Joseph Mallozzi has recently announced another tweetstorm on his blog. It will take place on the 6th of December.

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