Interview with Suanne / Virtual AT Event / Stargate Rewatch

Suanne Braun (Hathor on Stargate SG-1) announced on Twitter and Facebook that she’ll do a series of interviews on Instagram with various actors and showrunners. It will be live, and the audience will get to ask questions for the last 15 minutes. The series will include people like Cliff Simon (Ba’al) and Joe Malozzi (executive producer, writer) and will start next Monday at 9:00 pm BST/ 4:00 pm EST with Kate Hewlett (Jeannie Miller). Amanda will be interviewed on the 14th of April, time to be announced. Follow Suanne on Instagram!

Update, April 7: Amanda’s interview will be at 1:00 pm PDT!

If you can’t be online at the time of the interview, post your question here in a comment. We’ll pick the best questions and ask them during the interview.

This weekend Inspirations 2020, a convention with Amanda Tapping and Teryl Rothery, would’ve taken place. The convention was postponed, so some fans have decided to do a virtual AT event on Twitter instead. Fans can post pics, photos and gifs from conventions and Amanda’s work and share memories using the hashtag #virtualATevent. Follow @VirtualATEvent for updates.

If you’re up for a Stargate rewatch, follow @CatieMelrose as she is organising rewatches. Next one: ‘Within the Serpent’s Grasp’ on April 4 at 9:00 pm GMT followed by ‘Serpent’s Lair’ at 10:10pm GMT. You’re welcome to use the website’s chat to chat with other fans during the rewatch.

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