Birthday Greetings for Amanda 2021 – Updated

Update August 23:

Due to the recent news about the death of Amanda’s mother, we won’t be doing a birthday video anymore.

I invite everyone to tweet her an image/gif/drawing/photo with a heart on her birthday this Saturday 28 instead.

If you’re not on Twitter, send it to these next days and we’ll tweet it to her on Saturday. Tell us the name or nickname we should use in the tweet.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Greetings for Amanda 2021 – Updated”

    • As stated in our ‘About’ site, is an unofficial website / fansite dedicated to Amanda Tapping. The team has no personal contact with Amanda, nor is any of us affiliated with Amanda or her official website. So we have no way of privately contacting her. The plan is to tweet the video to her until she sees/reacts to it. She regularly reads her tweets so it’s very probable that she’ll see the video, just maybe not right away as she gets a lot of tweets.


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