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Amanda Back at Armageddon Expo

Once again, Amanda Tapping will be a virtual guest at Armageddon. In October of last year she had a virtual panel at Auckland, this time it will be in Palmerston. The convention is scheduled for August 14-15. The exact time and date of Amanda’s one-hour panel is yet to be announced. Like last time, the panel won’t be streamed and therefore be unique to the convention attendees.

Visit the Armageddon’s website for more info.

LFCC Postponed – Amanda to Attend on New Date

Once again the London Film and Comic Con had to be postponed due to Covid-related lockdowns in England. The event was supposed to happen this July and is rescheduled to November 19-21. Amanda Tapping is among the guests who have been already confirmed for the new date, as announced on their Facebook site.

Before LFCC, Amanda will be attending FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention in September as well as a virtual event by GalaxyCon this month. Let’s hope that this is the last postponement and that it will be possible for conventions to happen again this fall!

Amanda Tapping in a Podcast with Brad Wright – Updated

Major Samantha CarterExiting news for Stargate fans!

As she already announced at her recent interview, Amanda Tapping, who played Samantha Carter, will do a podcast with Brad Wright, co-creator of Stargate. Fans who want to ask Amanda and/or Brad a question can do so by submitting a question on The Companion after subscribing to them.

Update May 20:

The Companion published the interview this Thursday. Amanda and Brad talk about Stargate, Travelers, directing and producing as well as about challenges in the industry. Non-subscribers can listen to a preview here while subscribers can listen to the full 70-minutes podcast here.

Motherland: New Episodes Directed by Amanda Tapping

Freeform has announced the premiere date of Motherland: Fort Salem‘s second season. ‘Of The Blood’ will air on Tuesday, June 22 at 10 p.m. ET on Freeform and the day after on Hulu. The following week, ‘Abomination’ will air. Both episodes have been directed by Amanda, who also directed the season’s finale.

This season, Amanda is not only behind the camera as a director but also as a producer, helping to make sure that the show is running smoothly. In a recent interview at The Companion, she named some of her tasks in that role: hire directors, prep with them, help them to stay within schedule, make sure that actors and crew are taken care of and happy, post-production tasks like music spotting and visual effects reviews and more. “I’m like Mama Bear, basically. I’m a mom. I walk around and just be everyone’s mom – and psychiatrist”, she summarized laughing during the interview.

Updates From The Companion

During today’s conversation at The Companion (Amanda Tapping in Conversation: Uplifting Women in Film & TV), Amanda not only talked about her work in front and behind the camera and its challenges.
She also revealed that she’ll be working on the trailer for the pilot of a new sci-fi show. The trailer will be shot on a LED Volume stage, which is a relatively new technology also used in the series The Mandalorian. “…and then, you know, I can show it to The Mandalorian and say, ‘Hire me, please, come on!'” Amanda then said half-jokingly. Well, we’d definitely support that! #Amandalorian!
The other project she’s working on is the movie Home(less) which she will direct. Home(less) by Trembling Vøid Studio explores the experiences of a young trans man who ages out of the foster care system and ends up on the streets of Vancouver. Amanda emphasized how important it is to her and the team to involve the actual homeless community of Downtown Eastside Vancouver in the project to ensure a proper portrayal.

Subscribers who missed the interview can watch the full video here.
Fans of Amanda can also look forward to two more podcasts with Amanda these next few weeks at The Companion. One will be with Brad Wright, co-creator of Stargate, and the other will focus on the topic of mental health.

Amanda Tapping in David Oulton’s Talk Show – Updated

While busy producing Motherland: Fort Salem, Amanda has had time to sit down for a conversation with Canadian talk show host David Oulton. In his show, Face to Face with David, he talks with people from entertainment, business, fashion, and politics.

Season 1 premiered on Amazon Prime while season 2 will air on OUTtv, a Canadian LGBTQ+ network. will keep you updated on the air date of Amanda’s interview.

Update February 22: David has published a snippet of the interview on youtube. Enjoy!

Update May 07: Amanda’s episode will air in June. Until then you can enjoy the first season of the Talk Show, available since May 3 on OUTtvGo and premiering on May 13th at 8pm EST/PST on OUTtv.