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Amanda Tapping Directing Batwoman

Two weeks ago, Amanda was directing The Flash. Now she’s directing another series of the DC Universe: Batwoman. The series premiered on October 6, 2019, and airs Sundays at 8:00 pm on The CW. It has been renewed for a second season in January of this year. Filming locations are Vancouver and Chicago. Batwoman follows Kate Kane, a vigilante in Gotham City, and is set in the Arrowverse.

With this being the second series of the DC Universe Amanda is directing, fans of the comics can hope that she’ll also eventually direct Supergirl or Legends of Tomorrow. Both series are being shot in Vancouver and both have been renewed for a sixth season.

Best of TV Awards Round 2 / Amanda at the Crazy8s’ Film Festival

Canadagraphs’ Best of TV Awards is a well-known fan-created online TV award in Canada where the public can vote for the best on TV each year. The second round of voting has now started, and Amanda is in the second round in the category ‘Best Director’ for the episode Nihilism of Supernatural. You can vote for her once at

Update February 27, 2020: The second round for the category ‘Best Director’ has ended.

Amanda herself has been at Crazy8sfilms’ 2020 gala yesterday and posted a photo to Instagram. Crazy8s is a filmmaking challenge, daring and supporting filmmakers to create a film in eight days. Amanda has been in the jury in the past and is currently on its board of directors. Thanks to Sabrina Furminger, we also got some lovely photos of Amanda from the event.

Update February 27, 2020: Crazy8sfilms has uploaded photos from the event to their Facebook page. I’ve now have added the photos of Amanda below.

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Nomination for Anne with an E

Amanda Tapping has been nominated at the Canadian Screen Awards in the category ‘Best Direction, Drama Series’ for the episode ‘Great and Sudden Change’ of Anne with an E

‘Great and Sudden Change’ is the eighth episode of season 3 and the third episode of the series Amanda directed. She also directed an episode in season 1, one in season 2 and the finale of season 3. Another director of the series, Anne Wheeler, got nominated in the same category. Anne with an E received 17 nominations in categories like best drama, best writing, best photography, best sound, best costume and many more. The series is currently streaming on Netflix.

The winners will be announced between March 23 – 29, 2020, at the Awards presentations, and the 8th Canadian Screen Awards gala will be held on March 29, 2020, at 8:00 pm. The gala gets live broadcasted by CBC.


Website Updates

Hi everyone!

So, according to our poll, what most people want to see on the website are transcripts of convention panels and a chatroom.

chat timesWell, since setting up a chat is rather simple, I set up one. I won’t moderate it at the moment, and I’ll see if it works like that. If issues with spammers arise or if I see that people don’t adhere to internet netiquette, I’ll add more rules and moderation.
I’ve also made a suggestion for regular chat meetings: Saturdays at 1:00 pm PST (Vancouver), respectively 4:00 pm EST (Toronto), 9:00 pm GMT (London), 10:00 pm CET (Paris), 8:00 am AEDT (Melbourne, Sunday morning!). I tried to choose a time that could more or less work for fans all around the world.
The chat is currently limited to 50 seats, meaning up to 50 people can be in the chat at the same time.

I then took a look at the conventions page to check which panels I could transcribe, and I noticed that I forgot to add the San Diego Comic Cons from 2008 to 2011. I guess I forgot because they’re big panels, so Amanda doesn’t get to talk that much in them… I’ve added them now, including some videos. I’ve also added links to videos of the Sanctuary panel for Calgary Con 2012.

Amanda Directing The Flash & Stargate Tweet Storm Update

Exciting news for lovers of the DC Universe! According to @yvrshoots, Amanda Tapping will be directing an upcoming episode of the series The Flash. The series is based on a character from the DC Comics, and its sixth season is currently airing on Tuesdays 8:00 pm on The CW.

Update February 13, 2020: Amanda confirmed on Twitter/Instagram that she’s directing The Flash.

The international Stargate tweet storm was again a success. #TimeForStargate did trend in France, Germany, Canada US, UK, and even worldwide. Amanda didn’t participate this time, but other actors like Suanne (Hathor) and Simone (Ka’lel) did.

Premiere Date for Motherland

Some of you might remember that Amanda tweeted last May about directing Motherland: Fort Salem. Well, finally, there is a release date for the premiere: Wednesday, March 18, at 9:00 PM on Freeform. Since Amanda directed the third episode, those with access to Freeform will probably get to see that episode on April 1, 2020, provided a schedule of one episode per week. Freeform is only available to people living in the United States or its territories; so far, it’s unknown how and when people in other countries will be able to watch the series.

Motherland: Fort Salem follows three witches who fight in the U.S. military. It is set in an alternate present-time America where witches ended their persecution by cutting a deal with the U.S. government to fight for their country. The trailer looks very interesting.