Tapping Tuesdays

Tapping Tuesdays

From May 2010 to October 2012 Amanda did regular Q&As on Twitter on Tuesdays, named #TappingTuesday. This is a collection of the questions and answers.

Ok! Tapping Tuesday – here goes!!

Q: @punksternubbin – hi Amanda. when u have the time what do u to read?
A: I wish I had time to read! I used to be a voracious reader. Now, well, I’m reading charlottes web with Liv. :)

Q: @sanctarya – I love the tension between Helen & Nikola, it’s HOT!! Any chance they’ll act on it? I know I would ;)
A: Who says they haven’t? :) it’s a fun relationship to play!

Q: @cassievalentine – if both exist, would Magnus have the clearance to know about the SGC and would she ever work with them?
A: Oh she knows! But she wouldn’t survive in the military heirarchy! :)

Bonus Q: @sophieb – Hi Amanda, hope you’re doing great. Just wondering if you’ll be directing in season ? Much love xoxo Sofie
Bonus A: I’ll definitely be directing one this year. Thanks. Xo

Bonus Q: @coffee_nebula – This comes to me as I stand here mainlining caffine (it’s almost am). Are you a morning or a night a person?
Bonus A: I’m definitely a morning person. It can be somewhat obnoxious. But all these years of am calls have turned me into happy morning girl. Works well now that I have a child! :)

Thanks Tweeps for the amazing questions!!! Send more next Tuesday!! Xoxo


Hello #Sanctuary tweeps! #TappingTuesday… on Wednesday… begins now:

Q: @KSenderowska – Hi Amanda! How you’re doing? I’d to ask what is your favourite proverb/saying? Love, Katie.
A: Wow that’s hard. Here are my top three: Never doubt that one person can change the world. Indeed that is the only thing that ever has. It takes far less energy to be kind than it does to be mean. Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Everyone.

Q: @skitzoeinhoven – Magnus has long blonde curly hair in the beginning, why did she decide to become a brunette?
A: Quite simply, she got bored. I hope we visit her redhead phase!

Q: @Sachi_bear/@dipsofjazz/@jumpyaliennerd/@orientalLilly – We know that Helen is a tea drinker – what is your preference tea, coffee, etc?
A: Tea. Absolutely. At home I only have tea. But our hair makeup trailer has the best coffee on set. So I indulge.

Bonus Q: @JamieHallet – Amanda, I know you are a theatre lover, but what about musical theatre? Have you ever done any musicals?
Bonus A: No I’ve never done a musical. Well, I did play Oliver in 6th grade and I was in grease. But I’m not a confident enough singer. Except in my car! :)

Thanks for being patient, and for more great questions!! We’ll do it again next Tuesday! Xoxo


Hi #Sanctuary tweeps! Ready for another #TappingTuesday?

Q: @tigerlilybrown – Will we finally meet Nigel Griffin in season ?
A: Yes!! He’s played by the incredible Vince Gail. Great episode about The Five coming up called For King and Country.

Q: @mgalas – Question for tapping tuesday!!! Where does Magnus get the funds for the Sanctuary network?
A: Good investments. She’s known a great number of politicians and innovators, so I suspect she’s been on the ground floor of some amazing opportunities. oh and… :) wait and see.

Q: @doyouspeakwhale – who made the dress you were wearing at the Leos? It was beautiful! Very Goddess looking <
A: Thank you. The dress was from Jason Matlo’s Babe collection. He’s a Vancouver based designer.

Bonus Q: @helenmagnus – Hi Amanda i was wondering what is the scariest stunt you have done so far on Sanctuary?
Bonus A: The water stuff (in Next Tuesday) was very hard, so were the fight sequences in “Breach”. But I suspect the stunt coming up in the next episode will be the scariest. Even our stunt co-ordinator asked me if I was sure I wanted to do it.

Bonus Q: @erusphere – who is your favourite music artist or group & would Dr Magnus agree?
Bonus A: The Beatles, and yes she’d agree. ;)

Thanks for another great week, tweeps!! xoxo


Hi Tweeps!! #TappingTuesday edition # coming right up!!

Q: @MajorSamFan – what happens on set if you get sick & can’t be there? Do they shoot around or FX you in later or what?
A: I’ve never missed a day. I worked with walking pnemonia once. But thankfully it’s not happened. I imagine they’d reschedule scenes.

Q: @LoriSauerwein – My Q: does Magnus have a favorite piece of jewelry/keepsake that she keeps with her always? Do you? Thx
A: She has special necklaces and rings that she wears occasionaly. I have my wedding rings which were my husbands grandmothers. Very precious.

Q: @starstonight – Sanctuary is extremely pretty. Do you have one or two favorite visual effects?
A: I love the establishing shots of the Sanctuary and the view out of Helens office window.

Bonus Q: @skitzoeinhoven – Is Magnus a fan of her own Birthdays? How would she have celebrated her 100th? oxox
Bonus A: She would have had cake an a letter from the king!! But I think she probably only celebrates decades now. :)

Bonus Q: @SocraticMethod – Since it’s the #WorldCup… Do you enjoy soccer? If yes, who are you cheering for? :D Thanks as always!! :)
Bonus A: ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great questions again, Tweeps! See you again next week!! xo


Ready for #TappingTuesday, everyone?

Q: @helenmagnus – Hi Amanda :) whats Helen’s fav sport ?
A: Cricket of course! She also loves betting on the ponies. :)

Q: @jenniferhuva – First half ofis done! What single memory from shooting stands out the most?
A: Oh my, hard one! Um, Learning the fights for Breach including the metal pipe sequence… … the chain sequence and the hammer and machete fight. Weeeeeeeeee! Laughing with Robin, hugging Ryro, giggling with Agam, making googly eyes at Chris and indulging in… …my total adoration of Jonathon. And casting Ian Tracey… best and easiest decision since casting Jonathon Young.

Q: @Kirsten_Faith – If you could spend a day at Comic Con in costume what would you choose?
A: oh man… Wonder Woman would be pretty sweet.

And both bonus questions are Biggie-related!

Bonus Q: @Nicole_Blough Q – Does Magnus know how to cook or does she have a chef or does Big make everything?
Bonus A: Oh she cooks. She makes a wicked Roast with yorkshire puddings and mushy peas! And she rocks Toad in the Hole. I don’t think she gets in the kitchen as often as she’d .

Bonus Q: @ladydeadlock – Would Magnus ever let the Big Guy just touch her head affectionately in lieu of a smack? ;)
Bonus A: no… :)

Awesome questions everyone! Thank you and have a fabulous week! xoxo a


Hi Tweeps! Here we go again – #TappingTuesday!

Q: @Nicole_Blough – we know Helen’s always been surrounded by abnormals, but has she ever had a pet? a ‘normal’ one?
A: Well she considers Will a pet, … but he’s not normal… oh wait that’s how I feel about Robin. I think she’s had cats.

Q: @OrientalLilly – What hobbies does Helen have or would you to think she has? Can she dance The Charleston? :)
A: She enjoys fencing and painting. She alsoplaying the piano. She loves flying her various flying machines. And yes, the girl can dance!

Q: @TheEditorChic – Who is Magnus’ favorite author? Yours? Thanks for all you do.
A: Jules Verne, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Anais Nin and Dorothy Parker. To name a few. Me? Well I used to read books. I love Canadian Women writers. Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, etc.

Bonus Q: @rderoch – Q&A Looking forward to Ian Tracey. He rocks! Any guest spoilers you can throw our way? :)
Bonus A: Ian Tracey totally rocks! He kicks the living daylights out of me. Other guests include Peter Wingfield, Vince Gail, Chris Gauthier, and of course Jonathon Young. I can’t give too much more away! But it’s an awesome year!

Bonus Q: @JumpyAlienNerd – Does the Sanctuary have a pool?
Bonus A: Think San Simeon underground. It’s beautiful. Mosaic tiles and waterfalls. I now have the only key… Too much Biggie hair clogging the drains.

See you all next week, Tweeps! Xoxo


Another #TappingTuesday – one to tide you over until after hiatus! Enjoy everyone!

Q: @Denisehugs – Hi Amanda, what was yours and Helens first car? love Denise Xoxoxo
A: An old Mercury Comet (shared with my brothers. we called it the vomit… kept kacking out). My first car was a used toyota corolla. Helens was a Model T Ford… of course

Q: @puffandruffle – Hi! :D I know getting out of character can be tough. Do you ever accidentally forget to lose the accent off-screen?
A: Only when I’m mad… :) Swearing in British is so much nicer!

Q: @TxZodiac – Does Magnus have any tattoos?
A: Maybe… :)

Bonus Q: @MrsShy – How are you enjoying your hiatus? And as an EP do you even get a hiatus to speak of?
Bonus A: I am off camping with the family end of this week. Tenting and kayaking for days!! Yippeeee!

Bonus Q: @Nicole_Blough – Any chance Helen is hiring? I need a job…
Bonus A: She’s not hiring at the moment. But just in case, are you afraid of needles? The inoculations are treacherous!


Hey Tweeps! We’re back and busy on set today! #TappingTuesday answers are coming right up, though!

Q: @jenniferhuva – Besides the AMAZING amount of money raised, what was your fave moment of #TSE this weekend?
A: Photos and autographs. I get to be up close and personal. And I get lots of hugs. :D

Q: @WraithLover – Would Magnus ever turn away an abnormal?
A: No. It goes against everything she’s been taught and believes in. She does, however, take precautions.

Q: @jkneejones – Is there any fad or fashion Magnus would to see return?
A: Definitely not bustles or bell bottoms. I think she’s enjoying the return of the fedora!

Bonus Q: @LadyBlahBlah – You once said that Helen’s accent is more “worldly” than just British. Where has she lived besides Britain & US?
Bonus A: Tokyo, Dubai. Cairo. Mumbai. Nepal. Paris. New York. Boston. Rio. Venice. Rome. Sydney. Oh man. All over. Those are a few of her favorites… So far.

Bonus Q: @abagaleciara – What did you enjoy most about this year’s Comic Con?
Bonus A: Meeting William Shatner!!! Oh… and kissing him. And I loved seeing the fans.

Thanks again, Tweeps, for some great questions! See you next week! Xoxo


Hello everyone! Very, very busy on set today! (More than pages!!!) But here are some #tappingtuesday Q’s and A’s for you! xoxo

Q: @Nicole_Blough – is Helen an only child?
A: Yes definitely. And she’s a Daddy’s girl.

Q: @Tendre_posion – Magnus has seen some inspirational things in her lifetime. Are there any hist. moments that you wish you had witnessed?
A: The tearing down of the Berlin Wall.

Q: @LoriSauerwein – Helen is so über controlled. Does she allow herself to let loose? How? What’s ur fav way to unwind?
A: I think she dances and sings at the top her lungs when she’s alone. Old Broadway tunes!

Bonus Q: @TxZodiac – Is it any more difficult to direct with green screen?
Bonus A: In some ways. You have to know exactly what you are shooting and all your angles. Otherwise the folks at Anthem would go crazy!!

Bonus Q: @flolie – hey there amanda!! after living years, what would Helen do if she only had one day left in this life!!!
Bonus A: Helen would climb to the top of a mountain and humbly thank the universe for her blessings, one by one.

Thanks, tweeps!! xoxoxo


Fun #TappingTuesday questions this week, Tweeps! Let’s go!

Q: @JumpyAlienNerd – Did you have to give @RyRobbins pointers on how to do technobabble since Henry is the resident technogeek?
A: NO, he’s awesome! And when he complains I say ” yrs RyRo! yrs!” And he stops…

Q: @MemeLeigh – Will Tesla continue to be up to his troublesome antics in Season ?
A: Oh yes! He’s back and more troublesome than ever. Love him!!!

Q: @MeJammsy – If Magnus was brought up as a Victorian lady, who taught her to fight and when?
A: She learned over the years from various masters. She travelled to many remote villages to hone her skills. Plus she’s addicted to Jackie Chan movies!


#TappingTuesday has been opened up to our awesome Facebook Sanctuarians starting this week, so I’ve got a couple of answers for them, too!

FB Q: @Fadil Harkness – Can I clone you? :p

FB A: Sweet! If you figure out how, let me know. I need more hours in my day. :)

FB Q: @Claire Cowan – Would Helen go through a Stargate if she had the chance?

FB A: Oh, she already has. She found it amusing. :D

AND a great bonus question this week!!!!

Q: @ Chris Gauthier – who was your favorite guest star that has the name “Chris Gauthier”?
Bonus A: OMG! We had a guy called Chris Gauthier and he was the most awesomest…ever… :)

Great fun this week, tweeps!! See you next week!!! Xoxox


Hello Tweeps!!! Sorry for the delay…never a dull moment in my little corner of the globe. Hope this finds everyone well and happy!!!

Q: @Chelle DeBoer – Hey Amanda! How did the photo shoot for #pinupsforpink go? When/where/how can we support & purchase a calendar? :))
A: The shoot was amazing! Great group of women who organized the calendar. I’ll keep you posted about when and where to purchase. Support is always welcome at pinupsforpink.com. Thank you!

Q: @Erin McKenna – Since your birthday was just the other day (happy birthday btw!) what is the best birthday present you’ve ever received?
A: Hmmmm…a VW bug convertible. My husband bought it for me a few years ago.

Q: @Gordon – Rempel what’s for lunch?
A: Hee hee. I ate in the production office…we had Indian food. Yummy.

Q: @AmandaTapping – If Helen were to switch on the Sanctuary TV, what would be on?
A: BBC “Build a New Life in the Country”. :D George is so cute! But really anything BBC. I think Helen loves ABFAB.

Q: @puffandruffle – how did directing go? How did it differ from directing Veritas? Thanks! :)
A: Directing was awesome! It was more technical than Veritas. days of techno cranes! I’m now called Techno Tapping! LOVE IT!

Thank you for the questions! See you next week! Xox


Hi Tweeps! Happy Tuesday! Back on set after a long weekend and ready for your questions! Here we go…!

Q: @UsesInnerVoices – Do you or Helen Magnus have any lucky charms that you keep with you all the time?
A: Not really. I have a couple of bracelets that I wear a lot. Two are from Japan. Otherwise we both wear the same watch…It’s lucky not to be late! right? :)

Q: @Alexnightt – Where does Biggie sleep? Not in the basement I hope ! Thanks, xoxo
A: Biggie has a …well… big room. But since he’s redecorated he won’t let me see it. I suspect a Moulin Rouge theme. :)

Q: @SentientMist – Helen’s careful attention to appearance/bearing seems a shield of sorts. Is there more/less to it?
A: This is a result of her upbringing and the decade/century in which she was born. She calls it good breeding…

Q: @Eve Noonan – Love the show, the actors and actresses were chosen well for the roles, especially Tesla. … Will there be any more “flashes from the past”…which will haunt the present timeline/storyline?… Would love to know more about The 5’s past history.
A: Thank you! We think so too! Yes, you will see more of the and their history! Yippeeee!

Q: @Michelle Page – Hi Amanda, I love your work. Both Sam Carter and Helen Magnus are strong, capable, intelligent women… …who could kick your butt if you mess with them and I just wondered if you were simply fortunate enough to play them… …or if you got to help direct their growth in this area?
A: I was able to talk to the writers about Sam and they were very open. I’ve had more say in Helen… At the end of the day I rely heavily on the great writers I’ve been fortunate enough to work with.

THANK YOU for your questions everyone! Look forward to next week! xox Amanda


Happy Tuesday Tweeps! Time for some more great Q&A!

Q: @PaganX – Hi Amanda, what is the most favourite outfit of Magnus’ you’ve worn and favourite pair of #MagnusShoes!
A: I love her leather jackets and her suits. She has an awesome blue mini skirt in season three and a pair of beige shoes that are very hot! All the boys on the crew said so. She also has the best boots this season!

Q: @ellie – There was debate over John’s motives at the end of Haunted – what are your thoughts? Was it ego/love/need/a sense of duty?
A: All of the above. He has a very definite agenda, which is always John. Sometimes he allows other influences in.

Q: @karenford – Was wondering if the Big Guy will ever get a name??
A: Helen never calls him by name. I that. Besides, his real name is rather silly and hard to pronounce.

Q: @ Kenneth Hewell – are we going to be seeing anymore vampires or the morrigan again on sanctuary?
A: Yes. oooooh… the suspense!

Q: @Tarisa Deboer – How many degrees does Helen have? She must have had a lot of time to go to school once it was acceptable for a woman to do so!
A: I think she only holds her medical/science degrees. After all there are only hours in her day. But I imagine she took a lot of philosophy and literature classes.

Thank you, everyone! Xox


Hi Tweeps! FULL day on set and beyond! Here are the answers to Tapping Tuesday!

Q: @Jo Tillostson – Everyone has a song that captures a defining moment in their life. “I made it through the rain” is mine. What’s yours? Or Helen’s?
A: Helen’s would be “Walk on the Wildside”. Lol! Mine keeps changing.

Q: @Audriana Nicholson – Hi Amanda, I was wondering does Helen still have her engagement ring?
A: Yes. She’s surprisingly sentimental. Or maybe she’s semimental? :)

Q: @BeckyGroves – What did Helen do during the World Wars? Secret spy? Code breaker perhaps?
A: Stay tuned.

Q: @SJT_Fairy – Would you ever consider appearing on a show ‘Dancing with the Stars’? Thanks.
A: No. But Helen might!

Bonus Q: @S.A. Adelson – Dean and I would to know, how did you enjoy GG??? Are you addicted or what???
Bonus A: I’m trying boys. But it’s so darn complicated! Oiy!

Bonus Q: @Tessa Mol – What do you want for breakfast?
Bonus A: The usual sweetheart. Oatmeal, fruit and yoghurt. :)

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!


Hi tweeps – here’s another installment of #TappingTuesday… on Wednesday… :)

Q: @friedgreenhalos – Weird question: does Christopher Heyerdahl get treated differently when he’s playing John vs Big Guy?
A: Yes, but only because he acts very differently. I find myself flirting with him much more as Druitt. :)

Q: @LoriSauerwein – For the #Sanctuarypremiere, I’ll be snuggled up with my kids and a big bowl of popcorn. What will you be doing?
A: Working nights probably! :) But hopefully cuddling with my dude (and praying for good ratings.) We are showing the crew the show tomorrow at lunch!

Q: @Nicole_Blough – Considering the size of #Sanctuary & the constant comings & goings, is there a cover story for the neighbors?
A: Yeah. We are shooting the tv remake of the Munsters! haha. :)

Q: @ Jonathan Damman – just ended last Tues in France & I really enjoyed it! Is there any chance for a future episode to occur in France?
A: :D. Oh Jonathan…you’ll see. Patience my sweet.

Q: @ Gillian Horvath – Muffins or cupcakes? :-D
A: Heehee. Cupcakes!! I have a five year old. Thanks for the awesome book of recipes!! Xo

Thank you so much everyone for waiting till Wednesday!! Xoxo


Hi Tweeps! Many pages of dialogue and shooting today! Here is this week’s Q+A…#Sanctuary

Q: @Megan Grant – Before season starts ( days!!) I figured it would be fun to know what stunt, quote & episode fromwas your favorite
A: More water??? Next Tuesday. Swimming to “Free Willy” from the giant squid! Lol! Pavor Nocturnus shower scene was the scariest though.

Q: @Samantha Mckay – Do the cast and crew say things that are not in the script, have you ever done it on either of your TV casts?
A: All the time! Sometimes they make it on camera. “Cheeky Monkey” was a good one!

Q: @gumptexsci – Last season when you visited Tokyo, what did you enjoy most? Was there anything you wish you could’ve done?
A: Dinner at the Park Hyatt with my boys. We all dressed to the nines and drank champagne. Magic. All of our dinners were fabulous. And we laughed so hard the entire time! Truly amazing. Wish I could have gone shopping!

Q: @zhouyi – What does Helen miss the most about England? PS I’m so excited the UK getsso close to the US airdate!
A: Everything! But mostly a good cup of tea! :)

Q: @helenmagnus – Does Helen use Twitter or Facebook?
A: Neither! She hasn’t the time. But I suspect she prowls the forums! ;)

Again, thank you for all your questions! See you next week! xox Amanda


Hi Everyone! Hope the Canadians out there had a great Thanksgiving, and everyone else a great weekend! Here we go again!

Q: @ Michelle Zacharias – Why did Will stop wearing glasses?
A: Um… laser surgery? Or perhaps he used a healing salve made from the secretions of a Chilean Shepherd frog? :)

Q: @ Sarah C Gostin – Which would you recommend for watching the season opener: tea, mulled cider, or wine (red or white)?
A: Oh definitely wine. Perhaps a nice chilled white to off set the heat of Mumbai?

Q: . @katie__ – Magnus is obviously well fit, so she must work out regularly. Does Sanctuary have a gym? Thank you, xo, Katie
A: There is a huge gym. Magnus goes at night when no one is around. She also spars with Biggie regularly.

Q: @SJT_Fairy – Are you any good at solving puzzles (rubiks cube, sudoku, crosswords etc)? BTW thanks for answering all our q’s every wk.
A: I love crosswords and sudoku. I also love mensa logic puzzles!

Q: @lizznotliz – Are you excited for Damian to direct an episode this season?
A: I’m so frightened. The cast and crew all wake up in the middle of the night screaming, bathed in a cold clammy sweat!! The horror! The horror!

Thank you, everyone, for another great week of questions!! Xo


Hello tweeps! Another long day on set today, but here are your #TappingTuesday Q & As!!

Q: @ Brock Knickel – What was the inspiration for Terrance’s’ character? I mean to say, what species of lizard and why a lizard?

Q: Why not a snake? He betrayed Helen enough in just a few episodes.
A: Lizards have feet? Easier to move around. :)

Q: @ Troy Kenneth Duncan – Is there any possible way that you could help me become a rock star? I’m actually a really good drummer, but living in Bakersfield, CA doesn’t give me much opportunity /:
A: “Don’t Stop Believin” I don’t know how I could help except to buy your first album!! Which I will!

Q: @Pat OBrien – Was there any reason for the change in the theme music for season three? …or were you just trying to change things up?
A: Our Canadian composer Andrew Lockington wrote it. He is writing all the music for the show and we thought it should be his theme music.

Q: @MrsShy – How do you feel now when shootingis almost over? Happy? Sad? Exhausted?
A: All of the above!!!

Q: @UsesInnerVoices – What is the book that you could never throw out?
A: The first book of poetry I bought called Sounds and Silences. I was in the 5th grade.

THANKS EVERYONE!! Thanks UK for watching tonight!


Hey everyone!! Thanks for your support of @Pinupsforpink and of course @Sanctuarykids!! You’re amazing!! Xoxo And now, for #TappingTuesday

Q: @ Sarah Walker – Do werewolves have tails?
A: Depends on their lineage! :)

Q: @ Déborah Legoff – While awaiting for their (amazing) characters to return…: Were John and Nikola ever to armwrestle, how would it end? Who would the referee be? (If there’s anyone left alive, of course!)
A: Helen would referee. John would beat Nikola for strength. But Nikola would beat John by using his magnetic powers in a sneaky way! Then they’d all have a glass of wine and laugh about the good old days.

Q: @Cbwebb – If Magnus ran into FBI agents Mulder & Scully wrkng on cases X-files what wld her reaction be?
A: “It’s about time the FBI got a clue.” And then she’d be snarky and tell them “the truth isn’t out there. :)”

Q: @nextuesday_ – Who is your dream guest star for #Sanctuary?
A: Helen Mirren as Helen’s mum.

Q: @sez – does the sanctuary celebrate Halloween if so how? And what costumes would they wear??? Oct
A: We dress up as eachother!! Heehee

Thanks again, everyone!! Xoxo


Hi Tweeps! Thanks for your questions this week (our last week shooting of season !)

Q: @Jo Tillotson – Now thatfilming is ending, what will you miss most, and what are you looking forward to now you have free time?
A: I’ll miss the cast and crew and laughing my head off everyday. I look forward to family time. And I look forward to visiting Nepal and Australia!

Q: @Mark Jen Griffin – Where is the “College of Malfeasance” located? Thomas H’s diploma is seen hanging on the wall in his office (Bank Job). Will stared at it for a brief moment when trying to hack the computer password. I was thinking of enrolling!!!
A: Haha!!! It’s in Damian’s house! And you need to audition. Very weird.

Q: @jenniferhuva – Did you have any say in the theme/pose/etc for Pinups for Pink? It’s fabulous!
A: I didn’t. I was hoping for intelligent and sexy. So I was very happy.

Q: @skitzoeinhoven – With your history in sci-fi, what piece of technology (real or made up) would you have to have kept? -Thanks!
A: Asgard hand healing device. Oh… and that stargate thingy for travel.

Q: @JumpyAlienNerd – We know you are partial to Bouviers, if Helen had a dog would she get a proper British breed or would she go for the abnormal & get a mutt?
A: She’d go for a mutt. Rescued from a pound. Of course.

Thanks for the great questions this season everyone! Xox


Hello and thank you for all your Tapping Tuesday questions! Here we go!

Q: @Horton Remstead – I read somewhere it took you months to get over all the knocks you took while filming ‘Breach’. How physical was the experience of making that episode and do you relish that sort of challenge as an actor?
A: It was extremely physical. Because we were wet and cold our muscles really seized up… But months later, my shoulders stopped cuddling with my ears! :) I LOVE this kind of challenge. Makes me feel alive.

Q: @hmlATgaga – Will Helen ever tell anyone about the events of “Pavor Nocturnus”?
A: Probably not. She has many secrets. This can be filed under the “need to know” category.

Q: @apcm – Hi. If Magnus had to go shopping for Christmas gifts, what would she get for Will
A: A date with Cito Gaston and an original Joe DiMaggio baseball card. :)

Q: @Shawna-Alice Ellen O’Neill – OMG Would totally love to meet Amanda in Australia!! How long are you down and what are you planning on doing here in Australia?
A: I’ll be there for the Culture Shock Event in Sydney on the 10th and 11th and the HUB event in Melbourne on the 12th!! Plus some sightseeing on either end. VERY excited.

Q: @Tarisa Deboer – can you tell us about one moment that stood out for you on your trip to NOH? has the experience changed you?
A: One moment…that’s hard. The love from the girls…oh man. Yes, the experience changed me. Perspective is everything. Counting my blessings with a full and unconditional heart.

Q: @Katie Welp – What you did for the kids in Nepal is absolutely amazing! How can an year old to get involved in Sanctuary for kids?
A: Spread the word. The more people who know, the more we can help. Little pebbles create big ripples! thank you. xo

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to meeting many of you soon in Australia! xo Amanda


My cyber overlord is being mean to me! Am going thru all your Tapping Tues questions, but hit an Internet glitch. Will post answers tmrw!

Thank you everyone for your patience! Tapping Wednesday just doesn’t have the same ring. We will be back on track next week! xoxo

Q: @Steve Cain – I really enjoyed “For King and Country” and I really the character of James Watson. Any chance we get to see more of him through flashbacks etc? Can’t wait for Season .?
A: Oh i sure hope so!! He’s wonderful!

Q: @Erin Kelly – How was your working holiday in OZ? Did you get any time to explore? What was your favorite thing you did or ate?
A: Loved OZ! Amazing people! Toranga Zoo was beautiful. Watching Olivia and our friends’ daughter Sarah running holding hands in Sydney Wildlife World. Paddington Market. Mermaid Tresses at the Imperial Peking are yummy!! Loved Melbourne. Best Aquarium in the world. So much fun everywhere!

Q: @MorrisGrad – Reading about the Nepal trip reduced me to tears with each blog post. What’s on the horizon for #SK? Thanks!
A: More work with groups in Nepal. Watari program in Vancouver. Fundraising at AT in February in England!! More auctions. So much to do. So excited! Thanks for the support!

Q: @MarieGoursolas – What is your New Year’s resolution? And Magnus?
A: Counting our blessings! Be grateful! Works for me and Magnus!

Q: @alasmum – Do you have any lucky charms?
A: My daughter. Bracelets I’ve received from around the world. A tiny buddhist statue from my friend Cynthia.

Thanks everyone!! Xoxo


Thank you once again for all the questions everyone!! My thoughts and prayers to my Aussie fans!

Q: @Katelin Beauvais – IMDB says you’re directing another episode this season – can we have some plot details? :)
A: So much fun! Will goes on a date. With a girl! Things go awry. Go figure…

Q: @Jakie Laf- In For King and Country + Vigilante, we’ve seen Helen & John get closer again. Any thoughts on Helen’s feelings towards him?
A: CONFLICTED!!! She loves him more than she can logically understand. But when has love ever been truly logical?

Q: @JumpyAlienNerd – Being only girl w/all brothers, were you a bit of a tomboy or were they protective?
A: Both really. I loved to climb trees and then climb down and make cookies… My boys were and are very protective. nice…

Q: @jennjohns – If you were designing a Sanctuary cake for Food Network Challenge what would it look ?
A: An amphibian. :D The “cake boss” would be blown away!!! :D

Q: @MarieGoursolas – Got a casting soon any Tips or Advice you could give to a blonde beginner?
A: Oh baby. Believe! Have fun.Seriously. So much of what we do as actors is audition…Enjoy the opportunity and they will enjoy you. Big breath before you go in and remember you are worthy!!! Much luck and much love!

Thank you again everyone!! Xoxo


Thanks everyone for being so patient. It’s great to be back! Xo

Q: @Madison Uhlenhoff – What is it working with Jonathan Young? And is there any chance he ever becomes a regular?
A: He is a phenomenal actor and an amazing man. It is an absolute treat to play with him He is what we would consider a regular in season

Q: @Joe Mannes – The British accent you use for Helen has a tinge of aristocratic in it. Do you think Helen and Gregory actually descend from the monarchy somewhere?
A: I’m sure she would to think so. But no. She just loves being posh. :)

Q: @nocleversig – What can you tell us about “Out of the Blue” coming up?
A: It’s a very cool mind trick. You see Will and Magnus you’d never expect. Do I smell coffee??? Aaahhhhh!

Q: @Alison Riehl Waller – Hello, Amanda! Is there a US counterpart for your Sanctuary for Kids, or is it just a Canadian organization?
A: It is a Canadian non for profit organization but we do work around the world.

Q: @AndreaKoeln – You’ve spent a lot of time on planes those last few months. What do you do on long flights? Sleep? Read? Music? Work?
A: Long flights are hard! I attempt to sleep. I watch movies. I read. I people watch and make up stories about everyone. :)

Thank you and have a great week!!!! Xoxo


Thanks everyone for waiting!! #TappingTuesday

Q- @BeckyGroves – Helen seems to have friends in high places … Can we assume she’s received an invitation to the royal wedding? :D
A: She wishes! But she’ll let Her Majesty the Queen tell her all about it over tea. :)

Q: @tendre_poison – what prop would you love to keep from the Sanctuary set?
A: I kept the optical “retina scan” device her father made her use to enter the chamber in Revelations.

Q: @pipie – will there ever been a musical episode of sanctuary, just the thought of Tesla singing…
A: We’d love to do one. Totally outside the box. It would be fun!

Q: @Rose Dines – Have you acquired any nicknames from your co-workers? If so, what is it or what are they?
A: None that they’ve said to my face… I’m often called “boss”, which makes me giggle.

Q: @Amy Lee Ford – Will Henry find love?
A: Hasn’t he? He found love with Erika, a fellow HAP.

Q: @Ashley Schalow – A while ago you gave advice on the acting side of the industry. Do you have any advice for those interested in getting involved in the production side especially as a woman in the sci-fi/fantasy field? You’re involvement producing and directing very inspiring.
A: Thank you. As more and more women are taking the helm of projects it will get easier. We just need to keep pushing the boundaries until we are the norm and not some anomaly. Supporting each other is hugely important.

Thank you for all your questions!! Xoxo


Here we go w Tapping Tuesday questions!

Q: @ Christelle Golzio-Gavinet – What frame of mind are you in now on the eve of theshooting?
A: Nervous. I’m directing the st episode. Fights, an explosion, mayhem. Yikes!

Q: @ Rachel Boggett – If Magnus was to cross-over into the Harry Potter world, what would her first reaction be?
A: LOVE! I think she’d be best friends with Hagrid.

Q: @nutmastic – Is there any particular area of science that interests you today
A: Environmental science. So much good being done.

Q: @parapower – I was so nervous meeting you at AT i even held my breath, lol, have you ever been that nervous?
A: Yeah. Before every fan event! And sometimes before we shoot a scene. I get all jittery.

Q: @Barbara Chevalier – is there any one episode that stuck in your mind and made you want to leave a night light on?
A: Anything with vampires.Except Tesla. He’s a pussy cat. Actually a lot of our episodes freak me out! Guess I’m most afraid of writers :)

Q: @jennifershark – can you tell us a little about the work SK is doing with Watari locally?
A: We have a fund for Watari that is used to break down barriers. It supplies anything that helps the kids get education and work experience. It covers a lot!

Thanks for the questions everyone! Xo


Hi Everyone! Worked late! Sorry for making you wait! Xo amanda

Q: Ruthie Rink – Why did Sanctuary move to Mondays? I really miss Sci-Fi Fridays…
A: I don’t know the answer to that. It was a network decision. I think research seemed to suggest we would do well on that night. Hope you all agree!!

Q: Jenna Staloch – Hello, Amanda! What are your thoughts (and/or fears!) about being directed by Robin in an upcoming episode?
A: I could give you a lot of funny answers, but honestly he will be a wonderful director. He will be earnest and prepared and terribly cute! Assuming he keeps his pants on!

Q: Madi Trupp Hey Amanda! What advice do you have for young women about image and how you deal with the pressure to stay thin & beautiful?
A: It is not easy! I struggle with it. I am a woman on television and am therefore judged by an insanely unattainable set of standards. I have never fit that standard. I choose life and happiness over image. At the end of the day my family, my friends and my life are far more important than my weight and some wrinkles. I want my face to move when I laugh. I want my daughter to see that too.

Q: @nutmastic – in the ep ‘Hangover’, what was Magnus’ first thought when she saw that the Sanctuary was trashed?
A: Dear God, they threw a party after I expressly told them not too! Naughty little monkeys!

Q: @KateDrewThis – How did the S4K auction do this year?
A: We just raised $17,000, for our first online auction of the year. AT raised $50,000,!!! Yipppeeeeee!

Q: @Nazmuko – Which one do you prefer, alphabetically organized or casually chaotic?
A: I strive for alphabetical but live with chaos! Then I watch “Hoarders” and I panic!

Thank you everyone! Good night! xo


Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience! Here are the #TappingTuesday answers…

Q: Cindi Hachey – I have been dying to know where the “My Plastic Badger” name came from for that production company!!! :D
A: It is a combination of words from the names of Martin, Damian and my companies. …We were riffing on names at lunch one day and came up with that. We laughed so hard we had to do it.

Q: David Smalldon – I have a question. What is the actor who plays Tesla behind the scenes?
A: Jonathan Young is an utterly charming, gracious man. He is also wickedly funny and very, very smart.

Q: @ntzsure – if Magnus HAD been invited to the royal wedding, would she have worn a hat? What type?
A: Oh definitely. But not a goofy fascinator or ostrich on her head. A proper traditional understated hat …that wouldn’t block the view of the people behind me. Because she’s considerate that.

Q: @Gemma – it’s my th Birthday today so I was wondering if you had any memorable b’day stories?
A: My 18th birthday, my twin brother and I were camping and we sat on a rock and talked about our lives and our hopes… When we got back to the campsite our family had put huge candles on the picnic table… Just seeing that through the trees in a beautiful campsite in Northern Ontario. Breathtaking. And very special.

Q: @jenniferhuva – Have any of you guys been to the real “Alfredo’s” in Rome? Did that inspire the name-use in “One Night”?
A: No. But I will now. thanks!

Q: @Passionate_Cec – Hi Amanda. :) Was it difficult to act while looking straight at the camera in Metamorphosis
A: At first yeah. But Robin wore the camera and so it was kind of talking to him… only better because I didn’t actually have to look at his face…nice…:)

Thanks for your questions everyone! Xo


Thanks everyone for waiting, AGAIN! (#TappingTues) We’ve been shooting exteriors in the pouring rain and cold…and me in a sun dress…

Q: Annette Oert – Who is in charge of costuming and do you get to keep any of the awesome outfits?
A: Christina McQuarrie is our costume designer and was the costume designer on Stargate. She’s awesome and truly family. …I have kept a couple of items.

Q: Andrea Beyer – How do you learn your lines? Just by reading them or do you record them & listen to them? Do u have a routine that might help remember uni stuff?
A: Repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition…you get the idea… :)

Q: Sylvia Jahans – Do you decide what show you will direct, or are you asked to direct a certain show. I would love to know.
A: It’s usually a Magnus light episode. And it depends on the writing schedule and the production schedule because I need prep time… This season was easy because I directed the first episode we shot and had lots of prep without having to act.

Q: @ValouCOLLET – U weR at the Canadian Breast Cancer found. lunch on th.WeR U still nervous;)? How was it? Tks xoxo
A: I was very nervous but it was an incredible group and I just spoke from the heart about my dear friend Cynthia… The speech practically wrote itself. I felt very supported. xo

Q: @puffandruffle – Looking forward to next week’s Tesla episode. Anything you can tease besides how fabulous Jonathon Young is? ;)
A: NO!! Geez…:) Oh yeah, he’s fabulous! :)

Q: @TxZodiac – How was it working with William Shatner on Zenoids?
A: Hilarious. I had a blast. We were surrounded by some incredible voice talents & we laughed a lot!! He was very sweet & very generous.


Hi everyone!! Wow. Tapping Tuesday on an actual Tuesday. Yippee!

Q: Anna Krason – It’s great to have Nicola back but what about Druitt? Will he show himself in the show sometime soon? Where is he?
A: Oh, he’ll be back!! And as wacky as ever!

Q: Claire Cowan – Hi Amanda, has Helen tried any of Biggie’s home brew or does she stick to her wine? Cheers ;) hick…
A: Once. She tried it once. She just doesn’t remember…

Q: Kelly Midgley – Awakening was quite possibly the best episode of Sanctuary I have ever seen! Have you any fun stories from recording that episode to share with us? It looks you had so much fun!
A: It was a very fun episode to shoot. I know I laughed too much during takes. Jonathan is ridiculously funny.

Q: @Drasona – If you had a choice to inject yourself with the source blood, would you? Does Helen regret her decision?
A: Me? No probably not. Helen has a lot of regrets. But she can’t dwell on them or she’d be totally insane.

Q: @MatildaSwan – Have you ever considered playing a Villain, rather than a hero? a really old-school sexy femme fatale?
A: I’ve considered it! Now if only the casting directors would! :)

Q: @nutmastic – I’d just completed my exams and am (still) stressed out over the whole thing. What do you do to “destress”? (:
A: I laugh. A lot. At everything. And I play with Olivia. Cause you can’t be stressed around a year old. :)

Thank you everyone for all the questions! Xox


Hi everyone!! Thanks for your questions!

Q: Lisa Hargrove Willett – Loved the music that accompanied “Awakening”. Is Andrew Lockington the sole composer and is the music available to your (and his) adoring public?
A: Andrew is our composer. And we are hoping to make his music available for you all. Stay tuned. He’s awesome isn’t he?

Q: Kat Tennant – What is it working with Peter Wingfield?
A: Simply smashing. I adore him. We just shot a huge episode together for season . It’s just so safe and so lovely.

Q: Laura Pinsach Vinuela – How can Magnus resist Tesla’s smile? I love him so much!!
A: I love him too!!! I think Magnus just knows his bag of tricks too well. But she’s not completely immune to his charms.

Q: @KjanewayVoyager – how was it filming normady with all the five in the episode?
A: It was phenomenal. True sense of the history of the period. And I love when the five get to play together.

Q: @emluddy – between shots, is it easier to keep the accent or drop it?
A: I drop the accent. Otherwise people look at me funny. Although I often adopt a quirky cockney accent.

Q: @SpaceMonkeyLOL – do you enjoy stand up comedy and do you have any favourite comics?
A: I started in sketch comedy but I so admire stand up comics. It’s crazy hard. I love Eddie Izzard. I love Dawn French. And Carol Burnett is one my all time heroes.


Hi everyone! Thanks for the questions.

Q: Robert Dunkel – Do you think modern CGI have enhanced or hindered the creative original thinking in modern film-making on TV and Movies?
A: I think it’s only enhanced the story making process. Unless they replace all actors with CGI. Then it sucks big time.

Q: Katelin Beauvais – How are the cast and crew celebrating Damian Kindler’s birthday?
A: We mock him openly. Naturally. Plus we got him gifts that are WAY cooler than he is.

Q: Elise Carroll – Hi Amanda!! Normandy was amazing! Will WILL every know what his grandfather did for Helen and the team? Xo
A: Probably not. Magnus never met him or realized who he was. Sad really.

Q: @theonecalledjim – Hi, I Just brought a silver Renault Scenic and my daughter Rosie has asked if you could name her for us. :)
A: I asked Olivia and showed her a picture and she said Silvester or Bussy. So there you have it. :)

Q: @Nazmuko – I believe every woman has at least one bizarre object in her purse. Mine is wire cutters. What’s yours?
A: Crayons. Toothbrush. Lip balm. Boring… Oh, and a mini naquadah reactor…just in case. ;)

Q: @nesca – I’m from Spain and i watch your series in spanish, Have you ever listen to yourself in another language? what do you think?
A: I’ve heard myself in Japanese, French, German and Spanish. Maybe we should recast? They sound so good.

thanks everybody! xoxo


Just sorting through questions on set. So forgive my intermittent responses!! And thanks for the questions. #TappingTuesday. Xo

Q: @ellie – Do you ever/often miss total anonymity or wish you weren’t always ‘The Amanda Tapping’? Even just a little?
A: I have the perfect amount of “fame”. People are lovely and gracious and very sweet. But I’m not hassled. It’s nice.

Q: @CampbellBarry – Will you be coming to San Diego for Comic-Con next month?
A: Yes!! I hope to see you there!!

Q: @Shamie – Are you a tea drinker Helen or do you prefer coffee.
A: TEA!!!!!

Q: @debzkelly – how do u workout, keep fit and maintain a very womanly healthy figure.
A: I eat real food and i kick box. :)

Q: @ricwal – do you ever visit the UK?
A: Often. I have family there and my GABIT events!! Love Arsenal!!!

Thank you for the questions. I will answer more tomorrow from the FB page. Back to work. And thanks for the lovely comments about OOTB. XOXO


Q: @repetitaiuvant – I ask you which your fb page is? thx have a good day… : )
A: I do not have a FB page. I use the official Sanctuary page.



Q: Samie Bouder – If they came out with Sanctuary video game, would you play it?
A: Heck yeah!! Saving Abnormals!! Oh and I hope there would be a tea break section! :)

Q: Jenna Staloch – Hey Amanda! Since today is the official first day of summer, what are some of your favorite summer activities?
A: Camping and kayaking! Desolation Sound and Savory Island. Beautiful.

Q: Jane Phillips – is this reallyanswering our questions…??
A: I just looked in the mirror…and yep, it’s me! Nice to be here amongst friends.

Q: @JandyraCJM – Were the last two titles of Season drawn from Neil Young’s song :’Hey hey, My My’? Any significance? Xoxo
A: Well yeah. Those were the original titles and then the last episode got changed and I insisted it be changed back. Damian Kindler is a music buff. It all just fit.

Q: @carolynequebec – I saw on the dragoncon’s website that u will be there, but I want to be sure, so will you be at the dragoncon?
A: I will be there, barring any major life event. I’m very excited!!!!!

Q: @Tititwee – What is your fav’ ep ofand why?”For King and Country” for me:) for the most beautiful moment between J&H
A: King and Country ranks right up there. Loved the dovetailing of past and present. Breach is a big fav …And Requiem. And Pavor Nocturnus Also season Tempus!! Wow. Wait for it…

Thanks again for the questions. Have a wonderful night or day!! Xo

Q: @skyes_m0mmy – ?
A: Weight is a ridiculous soul sucking issue. Embrace beautiful. I’ve never been stick thin. Ever. I think I’m ok. I have energy. I have a beautiful daughter. I don’t ever want her to struggle with air brushed stupidity. It’s beyond insane. I choose life.


Thanks for your questions everyone! #TappingTuesday

Q: Ian Roberts – What are your favorite “British” phrases that you use during the show?
A: Well obviously “bloody hell” but I ad-libbed “cheeky monkey” once as it was a big hit.

Q: Debbi Bradbury – Hi Amanda. When you guys are filming and someone messes up, who will be the first one to crack up?
A: Um…that’d be me. I am always the first to break. Always. It’s embarrassing. I’m a walking giggle.

Q: Lydia Hartzler – Tomorrow I have to be at work at : am. What is the earliest you have had to get up for a filming day?
A: On Sanctuary, am was my earliest wakeup. My usual day is :am wakeup. And I’m perky!

Q: @the_h – There is so much of the Sanctuary we have yet to see. If you could invent one room what would it be used for and why?
A: I really want to see a big eat-in kitchen! Great appliances and a huge wooden table where we’d all hang out.

Q: @satine – do you wearing those victorian dresses? They are beautiful..I dream to wear one of them one day! love U
A: I think I am from that time. I love those dresses. I feel very comfortable in them.

Q: @TheDragonRawr – how do u think magnus’ and will’s friendship has changed since they first met?
A: She trusts him more. He calls her on her s@&t. It’s far more equal. (even tho she is way smarter, stronger and prettier…just sayin’)

Thanks again everyone! Happy Tuesday! Xoxo


Happy Tuesday! (#TappingTuesday)…here are some Q+A’s

Q: @ValouCOLLET – In France at the moment, it’s very very warm. Just in case, do U know if Biggie has a summer cut or not?;)
A: We gave him a buzz cut one year a few decades ago… It was…um…less than flattering.

Q: @ladydeadlock – Hi! Does Helen truly hate John or is she just trying resist/deny her feelings for him? I’m confuzzled! Xo
A: Join the club. Helen is very confused by her feelings for John as they seem to defy logic and good sense.

Q: @Natfrs – I’m and you are my role model. At my age Who was yours? And today? :)
A: Meryl Streep, Carol Burnett, and my grandmother who lived to be and a half! She was amazing!

Q: @Cbwebb – How do you think Helen feels about Will’s relationship with Abby? Does she approve? Why or why not?
A: I think she absolutely approves. Abby is lovely and now that she understands what Will does, it makes their relationship easier …Helen wants her team to be happy.

Q: Kaitlyn Manchester – What does Jonathon Young think of all us crazy fans who love his character? P.S. I love your show!!!! XD
A: We were just talking about that today!! I think he’s genuinely surprised by the fan reaction. Which just makes him more lovable.

Q: Madison Courtney B – If you were to be trapped in a music video for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
A: Something with scenes involving lots of tables of food. heehee. :)

Q: Reishin Watabe – If you had a face to face encounter with Helen Magnus, what would be the first thing you’d ask?
A: Where’d you get those shoes???!!! :)

Thanks for all your questions again this week! Xox


#TappingTuesday (or Wednesday…)…here we go with Twitter questions

Q: @ElleDris – When you are shooting, is each episode random (not chronological order), then merge scenes to make it in order? Thx, Elle
A: We shoot scenes according to locations. Eg. all Magnus’ office on same day. Then the episode is edited together.

Q: @ephinyzon- In honor of Astronaut Sandra Magnus & the Atlantis crew, has our Dr. Magnus ever had a dealing with anything space related?
A: I actually don’t think so. I think she’s concentrated on Earth based endeavors.

Q: @imac_van – Read the article about your driving the Tesla, and it made me wonder, what was your first car?
A: A very beat up Mercury Comet.

Q: @borntorun – What are you most looking forward to at #ComicCon next week?
A: Fan questions!!!! And seeing old friends.

Thanks again for all your questions! xox

Hi again! Here is the Q+A from the Sanctuary Facebook page too. More questions from you, more answers…!

Q: Taylor Craig – What do you to do on set when you’re not filming?
A: I to hang out with my fellow actors and laugh and sing songs and generally figure out how we can drive each other nuts …which by the way, is a very short drive.

Q: Darren Logsdon – I was wondering if we will see anymore of the super abnormals? And also is ryan robbins as funny ouside the camera?
A: Yes, I hope so! And Ryan is a big goofball. He’s nuttier than squirrel poo.

Q: Andrea Beyer – Is there something specific you wish would be invented to make your everyday life easier? :)
A: Small portals through which we could get from point A to point B quickly…hmmm… reminds me of something… :)

Q- Jenn Scheffler – If Magnus were to have a bumper sticker on the back of her car what do you think it would say?!
A: Honk if you’re fabulously abnormal!

Thanks again everyone! Xox


#TappingTuesday questions! Here we go…

Q: Sylvia Jahans – Hello Amanda, my question is, are you all allowed to adlib if any of you forget your lines & do you get to keep them in the show if it’s good? Thank you Amanda, I love your Sanctuary show so much & never miss an episode. You & your team do a great job, please keep them coming!! Looking out for season .xo.
A: Hi and thank you! Yes we adlib a bit and it often makes it into the show. Usually funny or cheeky lines.

Q: ?
A: Gosh I hope so. Pretty sure she’s a Beatles girl.

Q: Christina Lilleland – Hi!!! In my family we love to cook & bake. Do you? Which do you prefer? What’s your favorite thing to make?
A: I love both! Olivia and I make a lot of cookies and cupcakes. And I to cook anything! Soups and Thai stir fries …Plus I make a mean Xmas dinner.

Q: @Milkoneesugar – im starting a new job soon. What was your first job and have you got any advice?
A: I was the cashier at a fruit and vegetable market. Advice? Smile and nod. Smile and nod.

Q: @puffandruffle You’ve talked about what it’s to work with Chris and Jonathan – was wondering what Peter is to work with. Thx!
A: Peter is so nice. So unassuming. He is lovely, mischievous and has a wonderful laugh.

Thank you everyone! Hope you all have a great week! Xo

oops! Forgot one!

Q: @Peany_C – Hi! I once saw a StarWars play at the Theater. Do U think SG or Sanctuary could be adapted as plays?
A: Absolutely. That would be awesome. And weird. But still awesome. :)


#TappingTuesday Thank You Everyone! It’s our last week of shooting and we approach it with mixed emotions…

…Happy for a break and sad for the season to be ending. Thanks for all the support. #Sanctuary

Q: Andrea Beyer – What do you like and dislike about nightshoots?
A: Love the weird energy and the great atmosphere. It’s nice to stay up past my bedtime. But it really messes with your time clock. And I can’t sleep well during the day…so I become quite loopy. (yes, more than usual)

Q: Tanya Sonoqui – As I meander to the treadmill I wonder Amanda, do you have a favorite workout???
A: BOXING!! Great cardio and overall body workout. Plus, you work out all your issues! :)

Q: Crystal Harris – i would really to be able to raise money for the Sanctaurykids at school… starting a campain thing at school to raise money for ya’ll. know any way of how I can do that, or start out doing that?
A: Fantastic! Anything goes. People have been very creative for us. Bake sales, car washes…Anything you can dream of.

Q: @JumpyAlienNerd – How about @joshuagates showing up at the #Sanctuary while doing a DT episode in search of Bigfoot?
A: I wouldn’t let him in to my house! LOL!

Q: @BossLadyfan – do you being directed by @damiankindler ??
A: Sadly yes. I don’t know what that says about me! We speak a cool shorthand because we know each other so well He’s really quite wonderful

Q: @ephynyzon – Has the show been picked up for Season ? Do u have any superstitions when wrapping for a season or episode?
A: It hasn’t yet. But we certainly hope it does. Always end the season with “See you next year!”

BONUS Q: Dunne Robin – Dear Amanda, who’s your most favorite sidekick in the whole wide world? You know, one that is funny, smart …charming, some would even say beautiful. A sidekick you simply couldn’t face the day without?…A sidekick who had you at hello, and who completes you?
A: Well Robin, I do wonder what that would be . I imagine it would be quite wonderful. sigh…

Thanks for all the support. I’ll endeavor to do Tapping Tuesday periodically throughout the hiatus, because you all make me smile. xo Amanda


Thanks for the #TappingTuesday questions everyone!!

Q: Eliska Kratochvilova – Hi! Here is my question: What will you be doing on Friday evening?? Are you so excited as well?? :D
A: I’ll be in NY with @RobinDunne. Watching! #TappingTuesday

Q: Kathleen Booth – Hi Amanda, in the musical episode (which I am super excited for) did everyone do their own singing or is it voiced-over?
A: We all did our own singing! Hope you enjoy it. :D #TappingTuesday

Q: Jason Bales – I played a slot machine with your face on it last week, but I didn’t win any money. It’s cool, we’re still friends. ;D
A: I’ve only met one person who won playing that machine! I’m glad we’re still friends! #TappingTuesday

Q: @Amorfati_ – will we ever see Magnus celebrating her birthday-what kind of party would she have?!
A: Sadly no. It would be nice to have cake. :) And a moulin rouge party. #TappingTuesday

Q: @KJanewayVoyager – what was it filmin the first episode all in thes
A: Amazing! I love the look of this episode. And the costumes. #TappingTuesday

Q: @JennScheffler You might not be able to tell us the name but any clues who will be pictured w Magnus in the desk picture this season?
A: Martin Luther King Jr. Yippee! #TappingTuesday

Q: @Kidlet – dressing up as Magnus to take my niece trick-or-treating. Any can’t-do-without items I should worry about?
A: Stilettos! And a gun bum. Heehee. #TappingTuesday


Hi folks. I am going to answer 5 random questions from twitter and then answer 15 more tomorrow from FB and twitter! #TappingTuesday

Q: @BossLadyfan which character was the most challenging so far Diane, Susan,Valentina or Nate’s Mom?
A: Dianne from @RandomAORomance. So unsettled and confused. So needy. Also the physical comedy was scary. And fun!

Q: @danielrgk Hi @amandatapping Are you Purposely going for a new Direction In acting in films as stuck and RAOR #TappingTuesday love it
A: No just trying to keep it challenging and real. While having fun at the same time. It’s good to go outside of your comfort zone! Xo

Q: @SanctuaryGurl would u ever consider doin Karaoke with fans at #AT6?
A: Um… no. :D xo

Q: @BossLadyfan According to you what are the best qualities a husband should have?
A: good sense of humour and joy. knowledge of good wines!

Q: @infinityonpete What’s the thing you miss the most about Sanctuary?
A: Everything!!! Xo

Thanks everyone. I promise more tomorrow!! Xo

Q: @KarenLehner You’re so busy + generous with your time. How do you find time to breathe? How do U relax? A: Oh sweet Karen! Hiking in the woods with my family. xo

Q: @rilette4ever You always answer our questions but if you had a question for us what would it be? A: “Everyone Ok?”

Q; @AndreaKoeln You’ve travelled so much. What is a place that you would still want to visit?
A: I want to walk the Great Wall of China and also do a safari on the Serengeti.

Q: @shaky_dancer: What was it that inspired you to create Sanctuary 4 Kids?
A: The fans quite honestly. I saw how compassionate and generous you all are and knew it would work

Q: @SanctuaryAngel asks: Hey Amanda =) If you could invent one device, what would it be? #GeekQuestion xo
A: Ignorance Zapper. Every time someone says something ignorant they get zapped until they stop. Maybe it’d make people think twice before spewing hate.

Q: @nettie_b what is your workout routine? (I’m dying to know this)
A: I work out x a week with a trainer. I used to do a lot of boxing. I also take Pilates with my Mum! And a lot of hiking.

Q: @cousino12: Are you interested doing comedic roles? You seem to have the comedy gene. :)
A: Yes!!! I started in comedy so it’s nice to go back to my roots.

Q: @leScoob do you miss filming Sanctuary?
A: Yes! Every day.

Q: @1SamanthaS: Hi Amanda, do u ever think the cast will get together for a new Stargate movie? Or a spinoff from SG1?
A: I can’t see it happening. Would it be cool for sure. But I think that ship have sailed.

Q: @ElleLin7 What is your favourite activity that you do with your daughter?
A: Play make believe with different characters and accents. No matter what we are doing we can make it an adventure or mystery to be solved. Makes grocery shopping more fun!

Q: @boriquacrunch + @ikilledahorse ask: wondering if u took anything from #SG1 or #Sanctuary when they ended & what was it?
A: I have one of my SG-1 jackets and I have the orbital scanner from Revelation Part 2.

Q: @ladygalxyi Anything you can tell us about that Supernatural role?
A: Nope. ;)

Q: @emily_fire – What is the one thing you think an aspiring director should know?
A: Be prepared. Do your homework. Don’t be too proud to take suggestions but never compromise your vision. And smile :D

Q: @emily_fire – Whats your favourite Broadway show?
A: I loved WICKED. Favourite?? Hard to say.

Q: @Jess_Marissa asks What is your take on Helen’s 113 years of ‘seclusion’? (Other than making plans for the new Sanctuary) A: Everything she did had an endgame for the new Sanctuary. So all the research, education + planning was about that …And maybe a few lovely affairs as well!

Q: @MichelleMCG Who was in charge of your outfits & accessories in #Sanctuary? THEY ROCKED
A: Christina McQuarrie was our costume designer. She’s amazing. She also did #Stargate.

Q: Will you be auctioning off any left over #Sanctuary treasures for @Sanctuary4Kids?
A: Yes! Coming up very soon!

Thanks very much for all the questions everyone! Was so fun to do #TappingTuesday again! xox

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