Fandom projects

FANDOM: Fandom projects

Here you can find ongoing fandom projects for Amanda such as Birthday or Christmas video messages from fans. If you have a fandom project you want to promote to other fans, send a message.

Birthday Project 2022

Want to send Amanda birthday greetings?

Amandatappingfans will collect birthday messages for Amanda and send them to her.

  • Record a video or an audio message.
  • You can use any video or audio format you want.
  • You may include your name or nickname and your country if you want. For audio messages you may include a photo of you if you want.
  • Send it to You can also upload it somewhere and send a download link. If you struggle to send the file, contact us and we’ll figure something out.
  • The deadline is July 24, 2022.
  • Only Amanda will get to see the video, the video will not be public.
  • If we don’t get enough submissions, the project will get cancelled.


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