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Amandatappingfans.net is a website about Amanda Tapping by fans, for fans. As such, it lives from the contributions made by fans. Help the site grow by sharing convention reports, convention photos, etc… We are also always open to ideas about how to improve the site (see poll).

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Even though the content of this website has been carefully researched, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided nor do we claim that it is exhaustive. If you think you have spotted a mistake, please let us know.

amandatappingfans.net is an unofficial website / fansite dedicated to Amanda Tapping. The team has no personal contact with Amanda, nor is any of us affiliated with Amanda or her official website. To contact her, use her fan mail address or Twitter/Instagram. For professional inquiries, contact her manager.

The convention photos used on this website belong to the respective photographers and you may not use them without permission. The screen captures are free for everyone to use, although a mention of this website as the source would be appreciated. Do not mass-download them and then re-upload them somewhere else.
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We try to properly quote and credit all external sources, and not to infringe any copyright, but if we’ve missed something and you see something here that you own the copyright to and don’t want it here, just drop us a message and we will remove it.


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