Articles, chats and interviews with Amanda Tapping.

This list is not exhaustive.

Meet Amanda Tapping, Director/Actor/Producer & Contest Mentor (Women In Film And Television Vancouver)
Amanda Tapping Interview (Time Shifters)
Back to Deep Space with ‘Dark Matter’ Director Amanda Tapping (Vancourier)
The Lowdown Extra: June 4, 2015 (Fiona Forbes)
The Lowdown: June 4, 2015 (Fiona Forbes)
Actor & Director Amanda Tapping (Fiona Forbes)
Actress-turned-TV-director on Why B.C. Is ‘So Darn Good’ at Sci-fi (The Globe and Mail)
Innerspace: Amanda Tapping as Dr. Pim Jaegar on Killjoys (Space/CTV Sci-Fi Channel)
Women Behind Canadian TV: Amanda Tapping (The TV Junkies)

Actor/Director Amanda Tapping & Continuum’s Luvia Petersen (The Rush On Shaw TV)
Exclusive Interview: Amanda Tapping on Stargate, Sanctuary, the Canadian Film Industry, Her Charity Work and More. (The Iris)
Amanda Tapping on Directing Continuum & Arctic Air (Scifiandtvtalk)
Promoting Starfest on Denver News 9 TV Station (Starfest)
Convocation and Convocation Speech (2014 Spring Convocation Session 3, Starting 13:10) (University Of Windsor)
Fedcon 2014 – Press Conference (Startrek New Voyages)
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (amandatapping)
Amanda Tapping Directing Continuum Set Visit Electric Play (Ep Daily)
Interview Amanda Tapping TGS 2014 (Scifi Movies Theater)
Entretien Avec Amanda Tapping (TGS TV)

Amanda Tapping and Fiona Forbes Shop for Shoes on UR (Urban Rush TV)
Amanda Tapping on UR (Urban Rush TV)
Amanda Tapping (Next Generation Nepal)
Sanctuary: Amanda Tapping & Robin Dunne Dish on Season 4, Musical Episodes & More (NiceGirlsTV)
Tapping into Grace (Vancourier)
Amanda Tapping & Robin Dunne Tease Season 4 of ‘Sanctuary’ (Sci Fi Pulse)
Character Building with Actress Amanda Tapping (Vancourier)
The Amanda Tapping/Robin Dunne Traveling Comedy Revue Talks Season Four of Sanctuary! (Hollywood Insider)
My Interview with Amanda Tapping (Mumfection)
Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne Preview Sanctuary Season 4 (The TV Addict)
Amanda Tapping Vs Denden (Photoshoot) – Behind the Scenes (Dennys Ilic)
Interview with Amanda Tapping at Fan Expo Vancouver 2013 (Daily Hive)
Amanda Tapping Vs Denden (Photoshoot) (Dennys Ilic)
Amanda Tapping Live Stream Chat (The Rush On Shaw TV)
Amanda Tapping on Canadian Film (First Weekend Club)
Amanda Tapping Interview (The Rush On Shaw TV)
Interview with Sanctuary’s Amanda Tapping (Helen Magnus) (ThreeIfBySpace)
Interview (Peace Fund Radio)
Interview with Sanctuary’s Leading Lady Amanda Tapping (The Morton Report)
Sci-fi Actress Funnels Sanctuary Devotion into Kids Charity (The Province)
Sanctuary Season 4 Begings Build up to a Huge Finale (Cinema Spy)
Amanda Tapping on Coping with Miscarriage (Westender)
Shorter Fourth Season Worked for Sanctuary (Cinema Spy)
I Drink Your Space Milkshake (Ep Daily)
Interview (Cadence Mag)
Interview at LFCC
Amanda Tapping Credits Vancouver and Environs for Sanctuary Success (Postmedia News)
Interview at Shore Leave
Sanctuary: Amanda Tapping (Vancouver Observer)
Amanda Tapping Grüßt Die Leser Des Trekzone Networks (Trekzonenetwork)
Getting To Know… Amanda Tapping (Syfy)
Our Interview with Amanda Tapping (Scifi Diner Podcast Ep. 185)
Sanctuary Star Amanda Tapping and “Sanctuary for Kids” (Starcam)
Milton’s Secret to Conscious Parenting (Milton’s Secret)
Sanctuary for All (Milton’s Secret)
Amanda Tapping Talks about Stargate SG-1: Unleashed in the Voice Recording Session (SG Gaming Info)

Actors Share Secrets This Valentine’s Day (The Province)
Sanctuary Interview with Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne (Are You Screening?)
Rom-com Role a Bit Alien to Amanda Tapping (The Province)
Amanda Tapping & Robin Dunne Tease Second Half of ‘Sanctuary’ Series (Scifipulse)
Leather, Bullets and Grace (Gaycalgary Magazine)
Robin Dunne & Amanda Tapping Spill ‘Sanctuary’ Return (Multipleverses)
Sanctuary’s Long Hiatus: Is It Permanent? (GateWorld)
What Moves Me (Healthy At NBCU)
Crossroads (GateWorld)
Catching Up With Amanda Tapping And Robin Dunne (Pop Culture Zoo)
Cooking with the Stars (Shaw)
Amanda Tapping Merges Syfy Stardom with Charity Program (Reading Eagle)
Taken Back – Finding Haley (Official Epk) (Reel World Management)
Finding Sanctuary from Urban Tales (The Province)
Catching up with Amanda Tapping (Scifiandtvtalk)
Tng Webisode 9: Amanda Tapping (Scyfy’ Sanctuary) Interview (The Next Generasian)
For This TV Actress, Her Film at Viff Serves as Sanctuary (The Globe and Mail)
Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler (“Sanctuary”) (Slice Of Scifi #319)
Star Power (Reel West)
Comic-Con 2011: ‘Sanctuary’s’ Amanda Tapping (Q&A) (The Hollywood Reporter)
Amanda Tapping Interview (The Rush On Shaw TV)
Amanda Tapping Q&A (Sheknows)
Actress Amanda Tapping and Photographer Dennys Ilic on the Rush (Dennys Ilic)
Stargate Actress Test Drives Tesla Roadster (Postmedia News)
Amanda Tapping & Dennys Ilic Skype (The Rush On Shaw TV)
Amanda Tapping Talks ‘Sanctuary’ Season 4 at Comic Con 2011 (Fanbolt)
Meet Sanctuary’s Amanda Tapping and Help out Her Charity! (Syfy Wire)
Sanctuary – Season 4 Comic-con Exclusive: Amanda Tapping (TVweb)
Syfy 20th Anniversary Special (Syfy)
SDCC 2011 – Sanctuary – Interview with Amanda Tapping (Comicsonline)
Primeval: New World (Innerspace)
Amanda Tapping & Robin Dunne (Nerdly)

Amanda & Robin Dunne at the Syfy Digital Press Tour (Syfy)
Bloody Barlow Interview – Raw Footage (Paul Barlow)
Amanda Tapping Sanctuary Season 4 Ending: The Sci Fi Show (TheScifiShow)
The Sanctuary Singalong: ‘A Scary Exorcist Dark Rock Opera’ (The Globe and Mail
Amanda Tapping of ‘Sanctuary’ Kisses and Tells (Chicago Tribune)
Amanda Tapping Teases ‘Sanctuary’ Season Finale & Takes Your Questions (Chicago Tribune)

Audio Interview (The Tasting Room)
Catching Up With Amanda Tapping And Damian Kindler (Pop Culture Zoo)
Amanda Tapping Still Craves the Stage (Attention Deficit Delirium)
Amanda Tapping Reveals Sanctuary Season 3 (AOL TV)
Science Fiction Fan Favorite Amanda Tapping Opens the Door to Sanctuary (Associated Content)
Interview with Amanda and Chris (Hollywood and Vines)
Dynamic Duo (GateWorld)
Sanctuary in Safe Place (Postmedia News)
Bet on Dr. Magnus Returning to Popular Sci-Fi Sanctuary (The Vancouver Sun)
Sanctuary’s Amanda Tapping Bank Job Is a Romp (Chicago Now)
Sanctuary – Season 3: Comic-con 2010 Exclusive: Amanda Tapping (TVweb)
Amanda Tapping & Roger Dunne (Sy Fy’s “Sanctuary”) (Blog Talk Radio)
Episode 89 – ‘Sanctuary’ Star Amanda Tapping (Blog Talk Radio)
Innerspace Special Behind the Scenes: Sanctuary 2010 (Innerspace)
William Shatner Interviews Amanda Tapping (Myouterspace)
Queen of Sci Fi – Amanda Tapping (Sci Fi Pi)

Catching up with Amanda Tapping (Pop Culture Zoo)
Amanda Tapping: From Stargate to Sanctuary (Sheknows)
Interview (The Official Amanda Tapping Website)
Amanda Tapping Teases Sanctuary Season Two—and a Bit of Stargate! (Syfy Wire)
Amanda Tapping Answers Your Questions! (Joseph Mallozzi)
Interview Stargate Atlantis / Sanctuary (The Circuit)
New Frontier (Interview with Amanda Tapping) (GateWorld)
Blond Ambition (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #27)
Amanda Tapping Interview (Sci Fi Pi)
Interview : Amanda Tapping (Moviehole)
Amanda Tapping: All American Goth Girl (Attention Deficit Delirium)
Comic-con Part 2: Sanctuary, Sgu, Eureka Stars! (Sci Fi Wire)
Amanda Tapping and Robbin Dunne – Sanctuary (NiceGirlsTV)
How Did Amanda Tapping Produce, Direct and Act in Sanctuary? (Syfy Wire)
New Stargate Movies Finally Ready to Begin Shooting? (Syfy Wire)
Sanctuary – Comic-con 2009 Exclusive: Amanda Tapping (TVweb)
Tapping on Her Amazing Balancing Act for Sanctuary (Sci-Fi Pulse)
Amanda Tapping Talks ‘Sanctuary’ and ‘Stargate’ (Sci Fi Scoop)
Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne Find Sanctuary (Movieweb)
A Chat with Amanda Tapping of Sanctuary (Bullz Eye)
#186: Stargate, Continuum, Interview with Amanda Tapping (Galactic Watercooler)
‘Sanctuary’ Star’s Leap of Faith Paid Off (Home Media Magazine)
“Sanctuary” Defiled (Attention Deficit Delirium)
Behind the Scenes of Sanctuary 2009 (Innerspace)
Tapping and Dunne Talk Sanctuary Season 2 (SF Universe)
HitFix’s Set Visit: Syfy’s ‘Sanctuary’ (HitFix)
Sanctuary – Panel Video (Syfy)
Interview with Amanda Tapping (Jonja)
Amanda Tapping Talks with the Women of Stargate Universe (Sci Fi Wire)
Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne Return in “Sanctuary” (Media BLVD)
Amanda Tapping Shares about Sanctuary & Stargate (Sheknows)
Episode 42 – Interview with Amanda Tapping (Sci Fi Pulse)
Amanda Tapping Launches ‘Sanctuary for Kids’ Charity (Sci Fi Pulse)
Amanda Tapping Sits in ‘Sanctuary’ Director’s Chair (Chicago Now)
Amanda Tapping Launches Charity Website and Gives Sanctuary Spoilers (Huffingtonpost)
Amanda Tapping Sits in ‘Sanctuary’ Director’s Chair (Chicago Now)
Touring the Season 2 Syfy Set of Sanctuary (The Deadbolt
Amanda Tapping Seeks Sanctuary for Kids (Cinema Spy)
Interview with Amanda Tapping (Innerspace)
Exclusive Interview: Amanda Tapping Answers Your Burning Questions about Sanctuary (Cliqueclack)
Promotion Interview (Paris) (Syfy)
The SG-1 Interview: Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis/SGU: The Official Magazine #32)
‘Sanctuary’ Stars at, Rd on ‘next Tuesday’ (Chicago Now)
Sci Fi Wired Sanctuary Q&A Part 1 (Sci Fi Wire)
The First Lady of Sci-fi: Amanda Tapping Interview (UGO)
Amanda Tapping Answers Sanctuary Questions (Chicago Now)
Amanda Tapping Previews ‘Haunted’ Ep of ‘Sanctuary’ (Chicago Now)
Sci Fi Wired Sanctuary Q&A Part 2 (Sci Fi Wire)

Amanda Tapping Interview: From Stargate to Sanctuary (Myria)
Sanctuaryfans Talks to Amanda Tapping (sanctuaryfans)
Interview (The Official Amanda Tapping Website)
Journey of a Lifetime (GateWorld)
‘Stargate’ Heroine Never Tires of Sci-fi Role (Daily Press)
All That Nothing Is Really Something (24 Hours Vancouver)
Gifted Group Behind Stargate’s Success (North Shore News)
A ‘magical Experience’; Amanda Tapping Savours Her Stargate: Atlantis Role, Castmates (The North Bay Nugget)
Amanda Tapping Talks Stargate and Sanctuary (IGN)
Chain of Command (TV Zone Special #80)
Tapping On Ice (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #21)
Amanda Tapping Interview – the Ark of Truth, Sanctuary and More! (Sci Fi Pi)
Interview: Stargate’s Sam Carter Speaks (IGN)
Why Amanda Gave up Baton Twirling (Metro)
Amanda Tapping Interview: Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Sanctuary (Den Of Geek)
Amanda Tapping Interview (Sci Fi)
Finding Sanctuary (Starburst #362)
Tapping Explains Stargate: Atlantis Departure (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine)
Close Up: Amanda Tapping (MGM)
Amanda Tapping Finds ‘Sanctuary’ at Sci Fi, Interview (Monsters & Critics)
TV Stars Whine and Dine in Anticipation of Fall (Windsor Star)
Stargate: Continuum’ Cast Recall Being on Ice (The Morning Call)
Exclusive: Interview with Amanda Tapping (Scifi Stream)
Comic-con 2008: Amanda Tapping Interview (Whedonopolis)
Inside Sci Fi’s Sanctuary (2 Sites) (IGN)
Gate Crasher (TV Focus)
Sanctuary Let’s Tapping Stretch (Sci Fi Wire)
Amanda Goes Arctic (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #23)
Amanda Tapping Fannish Inquisition (SFX Magazine: Issue #174)
Tapping into the Zeitgeist (The Guardian)
Stargate: Amanda Tapping Interview (Home Cinema Choice)
Io9 Talks to Ben Browder and Amanda Tapping about Stargate’s Legacy (Io9)
Through the Looking Glass (SFN)
Executive Producers Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler Blaze a New Trail with Their Virtual Masterpiece, Sanctuary (Sci Fi Weekly)
From Stargates to Sanctuaries: Sci-fi Queen Amanda Tapping (Newsarama)
Talking ‘Sanctuary’ with Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne (Pop Culture Zoo)
Feature Interview: Sanctuary’s Amanda Tapping (Mania)
Sam I Am (TV Deathray)
Amanda Tapping Talks about Sanctuary (Media BLVD)
Q&A: Tapping on Sanctuary (Sci Fi Wire)
Interview (Sci Fi)
Local Actor Tapping Finds Sanctuary (The Province)
Audio Interview Ghost Hunters (The Circuit)
She Doesn’t Look a Day over 157 (Chicago Tribune)
Amanda Tapping’s New Adventure on Sanctuary (TV Guide)
Sci Fi Channel Premiere: Sanctuary (The Paley Center For Media )
TV | Star’s New Role More than a Change of Accents (The Seattle Times)
Finding Sanctuary on TV (The Globe And Mail)
Interview: “Sanctuary” Star Amanda Tapping (The Futon Critic)
Amanda Tapping on Sanctuary (The Can Magazine)
Tapping of ‘Stargate’ Lands in Another Series (The Hour)
Amanda Tapping Loves Her Fans (Channel Guide)
Sanctuary Star Amanda Tapping Says Sinister Secrets of the past Will Be Revealed (Zimbio)
Amanda Tapping Finds Her Comfort Zone in ‘Sanctuary’ (USA Today)
Sci Fi’s ‘Sanctuary’ Has Stars Seeing Green (World News)
‘Sanctuary’ Harbors Mixed Blessings for Amanda Tapping (Zap2it)
Amanda Tapping Goes Green Screen (TV Guide)
Episode 23 – Amanda Tapping (Blog Talk Radio)
Sanctuary Walks the Virtual Edge (The Associated Press)
The Land of Make-Believe (The Associated Press)
Amanda Tapping Sticks with Science Fiction in ‘Sanctuary’ (McClatchy Newspapers)
Tapping Hasn’t Left Stargate Behind (Sci Fi Wire)
Lead Actress and Executive Producer Amanda Tapping Is Proud of the Special Effects – and Even Prouder of the Fact Hte Show Is ‘100 per Cent Canadian’ (Welland Tribune)
‘Sanctuary’ Makes Full Use of Green Screen (Today)
Two Sci-Fi Heroines Are Cut from Different Cloth (USA Today)
Sanctuary’s Route to Television a Labour of Love and Sweat (Vancouver Sun)
The PCZ Interview with Sanctuary’s Amanda Tapping: Part One & Two (Pop Culture Zoo)

Beyond the Gate: A Convention Experience with Amanda Tapping (DVD)
Looking Backward, Looking Forward (GateWorld)
Renaissance Woman (TV Zone Special #74)
Urban Rush Interview (Urban Rush TV)
Amanda Tapping Dives into Atlantis (Coming Soon)
Theamandatappingclub.Net Chat with Amanda (The Amanda Tapping Club)
`Stargate’ Expands Its Mission (Chicago Tribune)
Interview with “Sanctuary’s” Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler (Slice Of Scifi #99)
Q&A with Amanda Tapping (TV Guide)
The Genius Club (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #17)
Tapping on the Gate (Dreamwatch)
Amanda Tapping Interview (The Scifi World)
Finding Sanctuary: An Interview with Amanda Tapping and Damian Kindler (Eclipse Magazine)
Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks & Christopher Judge Look Back on 10 Thrilling Years of Stargate SG-1 (Slice Of Scifi)
SG-1 Spoilers: Tapping Describes Movies as “Huge” (Comicsonline)
Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite Break down Stargate: Atlantis (Movieweb)
Interview with Amanda Tapping & Jewel Staite of Stargate Atlantis (TVAholic)
The Cast of Stargate Atlantis Contends with Casting Changes as They Open the Iris on Season Four (Sci Fi)
Scifi.Com Interviews David Hewlett & Amanda Tapping (Sci Fi)
Decision Maker (TV Zone #220)
Amanda Tapping chats with (sanctuaryfans)
Balancing Act (TV Zone Special #79)
Amanda Tapping Talks about Stargate Atlantis (Stargate Command)
Cinema Spy Exclusive Interview (Cinema Spy)

Urban Rush on Location: Interview with Amanda (Urban Rush TV)
A Live Chat with Amanda Tapping (The Amanda Tapping Club)
Coming Home (TV Zone Special #67)
Got Carter (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #9)
A Decade with Sam (GateWorld)
Amanda Tapping Boasts Decade of Interstellar Boldness on ‘Stargate SG-1’ (AOL TV)
Stargate Celebrates a Decade on Small Screen (The Vancouver Sun)
Woman of Substance (TV Zone Special #71)
Amanda Talks on Radio Essex (Radio Essex)
A Colonel of Truth (Cult Times #41)
Tapping into Carter (Stargate SG-1/Atlantis: The Official Magazine #13)

Action Mom (GateWorld)
Sam Kind of Wonderful (Stargate SG-1: The Official Magazine #7)
T4 Interview (T4)
Sam 9 from Outer Space (Dreamwatch #12)
Devoted to a Healthy Lifestyle (Terra Wellington)
Best of Both Worlds (TV Zone #194)
Carter and Co. (Stargate SG-1: The Official Magazine #6)
Stargate Worlds Collide (TV Guide)
Carter to Cross Over? (Stargate SG-1: The Official Magazine #5)
Maternal Instinct (TV Zone Special #64)
Eat Drink Man Woman (Scifi Vol 11/No 1)
Tapping’s Baby Joy (Stargate SG-1: The Official Magazine #2)
Sam I Am (TV Zone Special #61)
New Orders (Dreamwatch #3)

Amanda Hug ’n’ Kiss (Cult Times #111)
Amanda Visits Earthsea (Stargate SG-1: The Official Magazine #1)
Tapping Positive about Proof (Sci Fi Wire)
Team Spirit! (Stargate SG-1: The Official Magazine #1)
Carter Gets Real (Starburst Special #67 (Yearbook 2004)
Major Changes (Richard Dean Anderson Website)
Heaven’s Gate (Femmes Fatales)
SFX Salutes Newly Promoted Air Force Officer (SFX #120)
Who’s the Boss? (SciFi Magazine)
Tapping the Potential (TV Zone Special #58)
An Interview with Amanda Tapping (4 Sites) (IGN)
SG-1’s Tapping Seeks Helm (Sci Fi Wire)
Feisty Females: We Love Amanda in Uniform (Cult Times Special #30)
Article (SFX)
Change, 1 Person at a Time (Chicago Tribune)
Interview (Sky One)
Strength of Character (TV Zone Special #55)
Amanda Speaks Out (GateWorld)
Amanda Tapping: Not Stargate Barbie (Chicago Tribune)
Tapping Directs SG-1 Ep (Sci Fi Wire)
Amanda for All Seasons (Dreamwatch #113)
Heroes Worship (Dreamwatch #113)
Get Carter (SciFi Magazine)
Major Player (TV Zone #172)
A Live Amanda Tapping Chat (The Amanda Tapping Club)
Amanda Tapping Takes the Helm of Stargate SG-1 (CFQ)

Stargate’ Franchise Grows with ‘Atlantis’ (Indiana Gazette)
Amanda’s Army (Starburst #301)
Stargate’ and the Single Girl (Zap2it)
Beneath the Surface (SFX #106)
Major Resource (TV-Zone Special #52)
Many Happy Returns (Starlog)
Major Chat (Sci Fi)
Tapping Her Potential (Cult Times #95)
SG-1’s Tapping Gets Active (Sci Fi Wire)
Chat with Amanda (MSN)
Major Impact (TV-Zone Special #50)
Amanda Tapping Swaps Fatigues for a ‘Frock’ (The Vancouver Sun)
Amanda Talks on Radio Essex (BBC Essex)

Meeting Amanda Tapping (The Province)
Amanda for All Seasons (Cult Times #86)
Lights, Camera, Paycheque! (The Vancouver Sun)
Shooting Star (TV Guide)
Amanda’s Q&A with Fans (The Official Amanda Tapping Website)
The Carter Command (Xposé #72)
Tapping Aloud (TV Zone Special #46)
“I’m over the Moon at the Life That I Have Right Now” (Richard Dean Anderson Website)
Armchair Traveler (The Vancouver Sun)
Amanda Tapping on the New Season (Dreamwatch #92)
Lycos Chat: Amanda and Richard Dean Anderson (Lycos)
Article (SciFi Magazine)
This Is Ground Control to Major Sam (Starburst #284)
Interview with Amanda (OnSat)
At the End (CBS)
Tapping Talks New SG-1 (Sci Fi Wire)
Inside the Stargate with Amanda Tapping (Prevue)
Amanda on Season 7 (ICON Issue #1)

Amanda’s Q&A with Fans (The Official Amanda Tapping Website)
10 Things You Never Knew About… (Xposé #61)
Soul Searching (TV-Zone Special #42)
Who’d Live in a House like This? (Cult Times #69)
Stagate SG-1 Back in Production (The Vancouver Sun)
Three of a Kind (Xposé #54)
Gating Away (Star Quest Online)
Stargazers (Starburst #270)
Gate Pride (SFX #74)
Starsigns (Dreamwatch #77)
Carter Through the Looking Glass (Amazon)

Amanda on Vicki Gabereau (Vicki Gabereau Show)
Trip to Paris on Tap for Stargate Star (The Vancouver Sun)
Tapping’s Stargate Serenity (The Vancouver Sun)
Tapping the Light Fantastic (TV & Satellite Week)
Amanda’s Major Success (Telewest Cable Guide)
Fall Fashion Trends (The Province)
Major Developments (TV Zone Special #38)
Tapping into a Money Pit (The Globe and Mail)
Major League (Cult Times #58)
RTL2 Chat with Amanda (RTL2)
Actress Challenges Science Fiction Stereotype
Aye, Aye, Captain (Starlog)
Get Carter! (SFX)
What’s That Noise? (Xposé #44)
Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1) & Claudia Black (Farscape) on Their Shows’ Disc Debuts (Ultimate DVD)
Canadian Amanda Shows New Brit (TV Times)
Sky One Interview with Amanda Tapping (Sky One)
Sky One Interview with Amanda, Teryl Rothery and Don S. Davis (Sky One)
Amanda on the Big Breakfast (Channel 4)

Actress Dressed for Combat (The Journal News)
Stargate Actress Keeps up with the Boys (The Arizona Republic)
Amanda on X Show (FX)
Officer at Ease (Sci Fi TV #8)
Stargate on Location (Cult Times #47)
Beyond the Gate (Cult Times #47)
Tapping in for an Alien Adventure (TV Extra)
The Ultimate Chat with Amanda Tapping (Ultimate TV)
Universal Soldier (Starburst #248)
Amanda on StarTV (Access)
Amanda Tapping Comes Back to Earth (TV Zone #111)
Sense and Sensiblity (TV Zone #111)

Yahoo Chat with Amanda Tapping (Yahoo)
Get Carter (Xposé #25)
Intelligence Officer (Starlog)
Doctoring the Gate (Frontier)
When You Wish upon a Star (Sci Fi Channel Mag)
Interview with Amanda Tapping (Prevue)
Douglas Eby Interview (Cinefantastique)

No Nookie on Stargate SG-1
Tapping into Other Worldly Role (Sunday Herald Sun)
Starstruck (The Sydney Morning Herald)
Stargate Role Gets Canadian Actress Found in Space (The Toronto Star)
From a ‘mostly Dead’ X-files Role to Stargate (The Vancouver Sun)