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Birthday Greetings for Amanda 2021 – Updated

Update August 23:

Due to the recent news about the death of Amanda’s mother, we won’t be doing a birthday video anymore.

I invite everyone to tweet her an image/gif/drawing/photo with a heart on her birthday this Saturday 28 instead.

If you’re not on Twitter, send it to [email protected] these next days and we’ll tweet it to her on Saturday. Tell us the name or nickname we should use in the tweet.

Amanda Tapping’s Appearance at LFCC Rescheduled

Amanda Tapping was announced as a guest at the London Film & Comic Con this November, yet the organizers just informed that she’ll be unable to attend. Her attendance is rescheduled to LFCC 2022 on July 8-10.

This is the third time there’s been a postponement/reschedule. She originally was scheduled to attend in July 2020, then in July 2021. Both conventions were rescheduled due to the Covid-19 situation.

The next convention she’s scheduled to attend in-person is now a convention by GabitEvents in April 2022.

Amanda Tapping Is Executive Producing a New Sci-Fi Series

When asked about upcoming projects during her interview at The Companion in May, Amanda Tapping talked about the movie Home(less) and an unnamed sci-fi series. “I’m shooting a trailer for a sci-fi series on a volume stage […] which I’ve never shot in before so it’s a relatively new technology and we got up one here in Vancouver so we’re gonna be shooting a trailer for a sci-fi series on that.”

It seems that she was talking about Synthesis: Season Zero. Synthesis: Season Zero is an optimistic sci-fi drama about a non-profit organization in space. The crew members are descendants of people who centuries ago fled Earth and its crises. Their aim is to unite different worlds in the Galaxy yet they must first unite as a group themselves.

The proof of concept trailer was shot at the beginning of July. Amanda was shooting a couple of episodes of a new Netflix series in Atlanta at that time, so it looks like she wasn’t able to direct after all, due to schedule conflicts. It was instead British/Canadian writer, director, and producer Jem Garrard who directed it. Amanda’s however named as executive producer of the series so we still can hope for some behind the scenes content.

Amanda Tapping at FanX Convention – Cancelled

FanX 2021 just announced Amanda as a guest for their convention (see video – flashing lights warning). It will take place September 16-18, 2021 and Amanda will be there on Friday and Saturday. The convention takes place in Salt Lake City at The Salt Palace Convention Center. Read the details on their website.
Numerous other guests have been announced, including Misha Collins, with whom she worked in Supernatural.

After the cancellation of Gatecon and Gateway for this year, this is finally a chance to meet Amanda again at a convention. She’s also listed as a guest for London Film and Comic Con in November.

Update July 14, 2021:

Sadly, Amanda cancelled her appearance. If you did buy a photo op you can upgrade, swap to another product or issue yourself a self-service refund. Check their website for details.

Amanda Tapping at GalaxyCon – Updated

Amanda will be a guest at GalaxyCon on June 27.

The virtual convention will have a live stream Q&A at 2pm ET with Amanda, Michael Shanks, and Ben Browder. You also can purchase a 1:1 video chat with Amanda of 2 minutes  or add up to five sessions to talk for up to 10 minutes and you can get a personalised autograph. Visit their website for more details.
Update: I hope everyone had a great time at their video chats!
Those who missed the panel can watch it now on youtube.
00:00 Welcome to GalaxyCon Live
12:16 What advice would you give to someone breaking into acting?
21:34 How much of the cafeteria food did you actually eat?

24:22 Who was the biggest influence in your acting career?
32:09 If Stargate was real, where would you go?
34:37 What are each of your dream roles?
36:59 If the 3 of you could write a show for yourselves, what would it be?
40:38 Final words

Amanda Back at Armageddon Expo

Once again, Amanda Tapping will be a virtual guest at Armageddon. In October of last year she had a virtual panel at Auckland, this time it will be in Palmerston. The convention is scheduled for August 14-15. The exact time and date of Amanda’s one-hour panel is yet to be announced. Like last time, the panel won’t be streamed and therefore be unique to the convention attendees.

Visit the Armageddon’s website for more info.