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Live Interview with 3 Fries Short

Amanda will be doing a live interview with 3 Fries Short. 3 Fries Short is a podcast by three Stargate SG-1 fans, Sarah, Christina and Rebecca. They recap and discuss episodes of the series and occasionally have actors as special guests. The interview will however be around the topic of homemade products since Amanda stated in a recent interview that she’s started to do this more since the lockdown. You will be able to watch the interview on YouTube on October 28th at 11:00 am PT  (2:00 pm ET).

Interview on Mental Health, Part 2 – Updated

On September 16th, Amanda will continue the conversation on mental health at The Companion. Like last time she’ll do a 1-hour live interview followed by closed group chat sessions. You can get tickets at .

Update: You can share your questions and experiences related to mental health on The Companion’s Instagram or
The Companion also has shared two clips from the last interview: a box breathing exercise and a clip of Amanda talking about her comfort show. They’ve invited people to share their comfort media on this form.

If you want to watch the livestream but can’t afford the ticket, contact us. There’s also one ticket left for the group chats. Buy it at jointhegreenroom.

Update 2: After the stream you can join other fans in a post-stream social hour! You’ll get the link when you get livestream tickets. If you already had one, you should have received an email with the link.

Update 3: (Re-)watch the stream now at The Companion’s:

Amanda Tapping Announced for a Convention in Basingstoke

Amanda has been announced as a guest for the Basingstoke Comic Con 2024, which will take place May 10-12, 2024, at the Hampshire Court Hotel. Richard Dean Anderson will also attend the convention. Basingstoke Comic Con’s guest list last year included several Stargate guests like Paul McGillion, Joe Flanigan, Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Gary Jones, Rachel Luttrell and Rainbow Sun Francks, so chances are that we will get more Stargate guests. Fingers crossed! Tickets are available at

Amanda Tapping at the DGC Podcast

Amanda has been a guest on the fourth episode of the DGC Podcast. Produced by the Directors Guild of Canada National Directors Division, the DGC Podcast lets filmmakers discuss their craft. With Amanda having experience both in front and behind the camera, the episode focuses on tools to communicate with actors as a director. Amanda talks about her first directing experience in Stargate, what is important to her as a director, what to do when losing actors, mistakes directors make, working with child actors and what to do when the actors struggle with emotional/sensitive scenes. She particularly emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space to get a good performance. Listen to the half-hour podcast at Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom – Part 2

On June 3rd, Amanda did an event at The Companion where she talked about mental health and fandom. You can watch 
the full video at The Companion after registering. The Companion has also published blog posts related to the interview: Why Fandom is Good for Your Mental Health, and Amanda Tapping Speaks Frankly About Her Mental Health

Amanda stated that she’d like the conversation to continue, and The Companion just announced the date for the next event. It will take place on September 16th; the exact time is yet to be announced. Like the last time, it will be an hour-long livestream followed by group chat sessions. We will keep you updated here, but you can also join the waiting list at The Green Room to be notified when bookings go on sale.

Amanda Tapping Back in a New Stargate Series?

Once in a while, someone posts something about this and social media gets excited about it without fact-checking. I’m publishing the actual infos and will try to keep this post updated. These are the current facts:

– Amanda, like the other Stargate actors, would love to be involved in a new Stargate series, behind and/or in front of the camera. She repeatedly has stated this at interviews and conventions, including FedCon and LFCC this year. She has also repeatedly said that she thinks Sam Carter would be head of the SGC and general by now. These are just her thoughts on where she’d like her character to be, not the actual canon of any potential new series.
– In 2020, Brad Wright (executive producer on Stargate) wrote a rough draft for a pilot for a new Stargate series. MGM had contacted him and asked him to develop a pilot script. There was talk about a potential fourth series. The pandemic halted the conversation. Amazon acquired MGM, and they own the Stargate franchise now. Amazon hasn’t reached out to Brad Wright about the script so far.
– Back when he wrote the script, Brad talked about Amanda and asked her if she’d be open to being in a new series. She said she would. Again, this is just Amanda expressing interest in being involved in a new series. Brad Wright does not own the Stargate franchise and can’t revive the series by himself.
– Many Stargate fans would like a revival, and there’s much speculation on what Amazon could do with the franchise. So far, that’s all it is, just speculation. Amanda does not know anything about a new series happening, nor has she been approached by Amazon about this. The last time she said this was at LFCC in July 2023.