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Amanda Tapping to Appear in Youtube Podcast Series


GateWorld is celebrating Stargate with a new interview series “Dial the Gate.” They will interview 30 Stargate cast and crew members on youtube in a live-stream, including Amanda. The live-streams will happen on the weekends, and highlights will get uploaded on GateWorld’s YouTube channel and the DTG channel.

Amanda’s interview date is not yet set, but we’ll keep you updated. You can find the full schedule on GateWorld.

Back Behind the Camera – Update

Amanda Tapping is directing at least one more episode of Motherland: Fort Salem. The series about witches in modern America got renewed for a second season in May 2020, just one day after its premiere. Amanda directed the third episode of the first season, A Biddy’s Life.

Update October 3: Amanda will be directing the first two episodes of season two and then produce the rest of the season.

While waiting for the second season of Motherland, fans can look forward to other episodes directed by Amanda for the series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Supernatural. The remaining episodes of Supernatural’s last season will start airing in October on The CW, we don’t however know yet, when the episode (episodes?) Amanda directed will air. As for Sabrina, there is no news about air dates yet.

Amanda Tapping back on Hathor Hosts – Update

Amanda Tapping will be on Hathor Hosts this Saturday, October 3rd.
The episode marks the end of the first season of Hathor Hosts, an interview series by Suanne Braun, who played Hathor in Stargate SG-1. This will be the second time Amanda appears in the series, the first being back in April; however, she won’t be the guest this time but the interviewer, interviewing Suanne.

You’ll be able to watch the interview live at 12 PM PDT / 8 PM BST on Hathor Hosts TV or catch up later on it. If you have any questions for Suanne, send them to

Update October 3: Watch the episode on youtube now.

Amanda Tapping at Auckland Armageddon 2020

Amanda Tapping will be a virtual guest at Auckland Armageddon 2020 this month and will have a panel on Sunday, 25th October, at 1 PM NZDT. The panel won’t be streamed and therefore be unique to the convention attendees.
Albeit only virtual, this will be her third time at Armageddon, with her first appearance being back in 2002 and then in 2011. The convention has other Stargate guests, namely Ben Browder, Michael Shanks, Rachel Luttrell and Joe Flanigan.

Visit the Armageddon’s website for more info.

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Back to the First Stage Role

While Amanda Tapping is primarily known for her roles in the series Stargate and Sanctuary, as well as her directing work since, most fans know that she started in theatre. Her first theatre play, after some school plays, was at The Village Playhouse, a community theatre in Toronto, where she played the role of Alais Capet in The Lion in Winter. Her father took her to the audition, thinking that she wouldn’t get the part, realize how harsh the industry is, and hence choose not to pursue acting. Amanda, however, got the part, and this was a definitive moment for her decision to become an actor. The Village Playhouse has now shared a lovely photo of her from that play.