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I’ve done some changes to the website these past days: First, I’ve done some technical changes, including minor layout changes. The goal was to make the website load faster, particularly on mobile. Second, I’ve added a sub-site ‘Fan Letters‘ where you can share your appreciation for Amanda. I’ve also edited the ‘About‘ site. Please respect the copyright of our photos.

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Back to the First Stage Role

While Amanda Tapping is primarily known for her roles in the series Stargate and Sanctuary, as well as her directing work since, most fans know that she started in theatre. Her first theatre play, after some school plays, was at The Village Playhouse, a community theatre in Toronto, where she played the role of Alais Capet in The Lion in Winter. Her father took her to the audition, thinking that she wouldn’t get the part, realize how harsh the industry is, and hence choose not to pursue acting. Amanda, however, got the part, and this was a definitive moment for her decision to become an actor. The Village Playhouse has now shared a lovely photo of her from that play.

New YVR Screen Scene Podcast with Amanda Tapping

Photo by Sabrina Furminger

YVR Screen Scene is celebrating its 100th episode!

For this special occasion, journalist Sabrina Furminger invited some old podcast guests, namely Amanda Tapping, Michael Eklund, Nicole Oliver and Sharon Taylor.
The group discusses their experiences during and perceptions of the quarantine, the possible effects of COVID-19-related restrictions on the film industry and the good and bad things in the Canadian film industry. A best/worst questions game follows this.
The podcast ends with the guests discussing when they are happiest working in the industry.

Head over to YVR Screen Scene to listen to this interesting and entertaining 1-hour podcast!

Amanda Tapping in a Webinar about Women in the Screen-based Industry – Update

Amanda Tapping will join a webinar together with Juanita Peters and Brigitte Monneau on July 9, 2020, at 10:00 am PDT. They will talk about working in the screen-based industry in the time of Covid-19. You can find detailed information on the website of Women in Film and Television.

Update: Women in Film and Television uploaded a recording of the webinar to vimeo so you can watch it there.

Amanda Tapping at Gateway: Virtual Fan Experience – Update

With most conventions that were supposed to happen this year having been postponed to next year, several convention organizers are doing virtual events, and Creation Entertainment is one of them.

From June 25 through June 28, 2020, various Stargate actors will be having Meet and Greet events as well as Q&A panels. Amanda Tapping is scheduled to have a Meet and Greet on Sunday, June 28, 2020, at 10 am PDT, followed by a Q&A panel at 10:45 am.
The Meet and Greet is limited to 10 participants. Tickets are sold through an auction with the minimum bid starting at $50. Join the auction here.
The Q&A panel doesn’t have a fixed ticket prize, it’s a “pay what you can” system; the highest paying “tippers” will get prizes, including a 5 min 1-on-1 video with Amanda and gift certificates towards merchandise and any available autograph or photo op ticket at the Stargate Chicago 2021. It looks like the Q&As have a limited number of tickets too, so grab yours quickly!

Update: If you missed the Q&A, it got uploaded to youtube by a fan so you can now catch up on it there.

Amanda Tapping in a Workshop for Actors

The Drama Class, an acting studio aiming to provide training to upcoming actors, is hosting a series of ‘Meet The Director’ workshops. These interactive workshops give actors an opportunity to learn about the career paths and processes of directors and to ask questions about their process. Three workshops will be taking place these next weeks: One with Peter DeLuise, one with Martin Wood and one with Amanda Tapping on August 15 at 1:00 pm PST. The online workshops are limited to 20 participants. You can find more info and register on The Drama Class’ website.