Amanda Tapping Back in a New Stargate Series? – Updated

Once in a while, someone posts something about this and social media gets excited about it without fact-checking. I’m publishing the actual infos and will try to keep this post updated. These are the current facts:

– Amanda, like the other Stargate actors, would love to be involved in a new Stargate series, behind and/or in front of the camera. She repeatedly has stated this at interviews and conventions, including FedCon and LFCC in 2023. She has also repeatedly said that she thinks Sam Carter would be head of the SGC and general by now. These are just her thoughts on where she’d like her character to be, not the actual canon of any potential new series.
– In 2020, Brad Wright (executive producer on Stargate) wrote a rough draft for a pilot for a new Stargate series. MGM had contacted him and asked him to develop a pilot script. There was talk about a potential fourth series. The pandemic halted the conversation. Amazon acquired MGM, and they own the Stargate franchise now. In that draft, Jack is retired and Sam is a General, but, again, since it’s not an official pilot, this is not necessarily the actual canon of a potential new series. Amazon hasn’t reached out to Brad Wright about the script so far.
– Back when he wrote the script, Brad talked about Amanda and asked her if she’d be open to being in a new series. She said she would. Again, this is just Amanda expressing interest in being involved in a new series. Brad Wright does not own the Stargate franchise and can’t revive the series by himself.
– Many Stargate fans would like a revival, and there’s much speculation on what Amazon could do with the franchise. So far, that’s all it is, just speculation. Amanda does not know anything about a new series happening, nor has she been approached by Amazon about this.
In 2024, Brad Wright was invited as a guest to the Basingstoke Comic Con, and Richard Dean Anderson cut his hair shortly before the con. Neither of these facts has anything to do with any possible revival, not at all. Brad Wright likes to go to cons but hardly ever gets invited. Rick cut his hair because Amanda convinced him that it would look better. 

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