Interview on Mental Health, Part 2 – Updated

On September 16th, Amanda will continue the conversation on mental health at The Companion. Like last time she’ll do a 1-hour live interview followed by closed group chat sessions. You can get tickets at .

Update: You can share your questions and experiences related to mental health on The Companion’s Instagram or
The Companion also has shared two clips from the last interview: a box breathing exercise and a clip of Amanda talking about her comfort show. They’ve invited people to share their comfort media on this form.

If you want to watch the livestream but can’t afford the ticket, contact us. There’s also one ticket left for the group chats. Buy it at jointhegreenroom.

Update 2: After the stream you can join other fans in a post-stream social hour! You’ll get the link when you get livestream tickets. If you already had one, you should have received an email with the link.

Update 3: (Re-)watch the stream now at The Companion’s:

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