Suggestions for the Website?

Next month will be’s first anniversary! Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting the website by sharing it!

We are still looking for ways to make this website even more interesting for Amanda Tapping fans. Our poll ‘What else do you want on this website?’ suggests a high interest in convention transcriptions, so those will be coming up this month.

What else do you want on this website?
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Earlier this year, the most-wanted-item of the poll was a chat, which I then implemented in February. It hasn’t been used at all since, though, and I’m wondering why. Any ideas on what could help to get the chat active?

The website also has an inactive forum. Again, we’re happy to hear any ideas on how to make that more active.

If you have any other ideas for things you’d love to have on this website, participate in the poll and/or comment below.

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