Continuum is about a group of criminals from the future who have escaped to the present and try to wreak havoc here. Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a cop from the same future is trying to thwart their actions.

Episodes directed

Second Last (2×12)
Wasted Minute (3×06)
Waning Minute (3×07)


Continuum was the first show where Amanda did not know the people who were running it so she was particularly excited about getting the job.
The actors were massively talented and she worked with an amazing crew.

During the filming of one episode, there was a huge windstorm overnight, which blew away half the set making it impossible for her to shoot with technocranes as she originally had planned. It nevertheless turned out fine in the end. It was really cold and she was impressed by how the actors and crew rose to the challenge.

She used her own [electric car] Tesla in one shoot: The Tesla drives up and then she cheekily left it on screen with the T label visible. Later she got a call from the producers saying that they had removed the Tesla commercial.

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