Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter


Dark Matter follows the adventures a group of people with criminal background on a spaceship after they awaken with no memories.

Episodes directed

Episode 1.4 (1×04)
Welcome to Your New Home (2×01)


For Amanda, shooting Dark Matter in Toronto was fantastic and fun, the cast was really enthusiastic. She prepped the episode with Joe Malozzi.

Behind the Scenes with Joe Malozzi:
Season 1, episode 4
February 11, 2015: Introducing Dark Matter Editor Wendy Hallam Martin! Amanda Tapping takes the directing reins!
February 12, 2015: Space Travels with Amanda Tapping!
February 13, 2015: Back in familiar inertial dampened climate controlled faster than light territory!
February 19, 2015: A casting hint! Cat Shirt Thursday on Shaofu 2!
February 20, 2015: Director Amanda Tapping’s last day! Birthday bash on Shaofu 2! A visit to the space station clinic!

Season 2, episode 1
December 8, 2015: Last day of prep on Dark Matter Episode 201! Snow Monkeys!
December 9, 2015: Production begins on Dark Matter season 2!
December 10, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 201 – Production Day #2!
December 12, 2015: Dark Matter Episode 201 Day 4! Yes, on a Saturday!

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