Earth Revolution

Earth Revolution

Earth Revolution


Earth Revolution is a music video by Ta’Kaiya Blaney, a young environmental activist and advocate for Indigenous People’s rights. It’s a call to join a revolution to save the earth.

Scenes directed

Green Screen scenes in Vancouver with Ta’Kaiya Blaney and a group of children.


Amanda filmed the scenes at the Capilano College studios. The idea was for the children to sing the song like children’s choirs from all over the world were doing it in the other clips but when she started shooting the children didn’t know the lyrics and she had to improvise so she made them write words like ‘peace’ and ‘hope’ on their hands.

Amanda spoke highly of Ta’Kaiya at the convention AT7 and about how it was humbling to be around an 11-year-old who is so engaged. To read more about Ta’Kaiya’s work, check her website.

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