Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

McIllroy’s girlfriend

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues


Detective Peter (Chris Potter) and his father, Kung Fu master Caine, fight against crime and injustice.

Starring in

McIllroy’s Girlfriend in the episode “Ancient Lottery” (2×04)

Annie in the episode “Shaolin Shot” (4×06)

Amanda plays two different characters in this series.
2×04: Builder Edward McIllroy (Chuck Shamata) wants to build a mall, reneging on his original plan to build a community center. With his girlfriend, he hands out lottery tickets to the community, one of which is actually a winning ticket, setting a series of complications in motion.
4×06: Annie owns an ice hockey team which she inherited from her father. The team is being sabotaged so Peter poses as a hockey player to find out what is going on.


Amazon, Walmart (only season 2, season 4 isn’t available)