Stargate Continuum

Colonel Samantha Carter

Stargate Continuum


During the extraction ceremony for Ba’al (Cliff Simon) people start disappearing. Upon trying to return to Earth, SG-1 ends up in an alternate timeline created by Ba’al and has to work to restore the original timeline.

Starring as

Col. Samantha Carter


Amanda has been asked about and has talked about her experiences in the Arctic many times. She claims it was an amazing experience and that she could talk about it forever.
They were living in a camp, in hooches made of plywood. They became part of the crew living at the ice station, working in the kitchen, chipping ice for drinking water, etc…
There were polar bears in the area and they had to constantly watch out for them when shooting. Also if they had to go to the washroom in the middle of the night, they first had to scan the horizon with a flashlight and if they saw a flash, that meant that polar bears or other animals were present.
For the big overhead shoot of Cam (Ben Browder) and Sam walking on the ice, the helicopter buzzed over the first time, then the second time and the third time Ben and Amanda decided to lie down on the ice and make snow angels.


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