The Void

Prof. Eva Soderstrom

The Void


With the help of Prof. Steven Price (Adrian Paul), Prof. Eva Soderstrom tries to stop a greedy industrialist, Thomas Abernathy (Malcolm McDowell) from creating an artificial black hole which could destroy earth.

Starring as

Prof. Eva Soderstrom, a physicist


Amanda enjoyed shooting the movie and working with Malcolm McDowell and Adrian Paul. She particularly loved Malcolm’s sense of humour. She was not satisfied with the final version of the movie, though.

Since Amanda has a no-nudity clause in her contract, a body double did the nude scenes, which was weird for Amanda as she had to choose her body double from photos. During the shooting of that scene, Adrian Paul positioned himself so that he was able to conceal her upper torso from the camera, since Amanda had not done a lot of love scenes and was feeling very nervous.


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