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In Stargate Atlantis an expedition of military personnel and scientists live in the city of Atlantis and explore the Pegasus galaxy while fighting against new enemies.

Starring as

Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter in the episodes “Letters from Pegasus” (1×16), “Grace Under Pressure” (2×14) and “McKay and Mrs. Miller” (3×08)
Col. Samantha Carter in various episodes of season 4 as well as “Search and Rescue” (5×01), and “Enemy at the Gate” (5×20)

Samantha Carter made two guest appearances, due to Atlantis having contact with earth. She also has a guest role in the episode “Grace Under Pressure” where she helps a distressed Rodney McKay even though she is just a figment of his imagination.
In season 4, she takes command of the expedition, successfully fighting the Wraith, only to be abruptly told that she has been relieved of command when she is recalled to earth for a performance review.
She has another short appearance in the series’ finale.


  • Joining Stargate Atlantis felt weird to Amanda. Even though she knew the cast and crew, and even though everyone was lovely, it did not feel like “home”, but rather like visiting the home of a relative, her own home being the set of SG-1.
  • Sam was not as comfortable in her own skin, either. Both Sam and Amanda struggled with the fact that she did not have the opportunity to go on missions with the team. The first time Sam sent the team off-world, Amanda made a deflated face while the camera was still rolling so they had to shoot it again.
  • Amanda was not given a choice about which props were in Carter’s office. She did however add a mug from the Waterkeeper Alliance, a charity she supports.
  • When asked about her favourite episode in SGA she has named “Grace Under Pressure” and “Trio”. In Trio, she had a great time with Jewel Staite and David Hewlett, they laughed a lot and even put a musical episode together.
  • Trio was also special as it included a scene of Sam on a beam several feet above the ground. While Sam is not supposed to have any fear of heights, Amanda does, and she froze while in the middle of the beam. A crew member had to help her off, although afterwards they had to reshoot the scene, so it was difficult for Amanda.
  • Sam leaving Stargate Atlantis at the beginning of the fifth season had to do with Amanda wanting to focus on her new series Sanctuary. The unceremonious way in which the dismissal happened (Sam simply being told upon arriving on Earth, on the gate ramp, in front of everyone) was due to a lack of time to shoot a separate scene. It raised criticism amongst the fans.


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