Air Date for The Flash & Update for the Canadagraphs Awards

With the COVID-19 pandemic paralyzing the entertainment industry, the airing of new episodes was postponed for several series, including the Arrowverse shows The Flash and Batwoman. Both have now returned, and the episode of The Flash Amanda Tapping directed is due to air on May 5, 2020, at 8:00 pm ET. It’s an episode named Pay the Piper and the 18th episode of season six.
For Batwoman, Amanda directed the season finale. While the air date is not public yet, the episode will probably air at the end of May.

Another show that has currently been removed from the schedule is Supernatural. Amanda has directed an episode of the current season too. So far, there is no news on when the show will return. Given that the shooting of the season hadn’t ended at the time the set had to close down, production will have to restart first, so we might have to wait until fall.

In other news: The Best of TV Awards by canadagraphs has ended, and Amanda got the fifth place in the category Best Director for the episode Nihilism (season 14, episode 10)! Congratulations!

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