Amanda Tapping at GalaxyCon – Updated

Amanda will be a guest at GalaxyCon on June 27.

The virtual convention will have a live stream Q&A at 2pm ET with Amanda, Michael Shanks, and Ben Browder. You also can purchase a 1:1 video chat with Amanda of 2 minutes  or add up to five sessions to talk for up to 10 minutes and you can get a personalised autograph. Visit their website for more details.
Update: I hope everyone had a great time at their video chats!
Those who missed the panel can watch it now on youtube.
00:00 Welcome to GalaxyCon Live
12:16 What advice would you give to someone breaking into acting?
21:34 How much of the cafeteria food did you actually eat?

24:22 Who was the biggest influence in your acting career?
32:09 If Stargate was real, where would you go?
34:37 What are each of your dream roles?
36:59 If the 3 of you could write a show for yourselves, what would it be?
40:38 Final words

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