Amanda Tapping Is Executive Producing a New Sci-Fi Series

When asked about upcoming projects during her interview at The Companion in May, Amanda Tapping talked about the movie Home(less) and an unnamed sci-fi series. “I’m shooting a trailer for a sci-fi series on a volume stage […] which I’ve never shot in before so it’s a relatively new technology and we got up one here in Vancouver so we’re gonna be shooting a trailer for a sci-fi series on that.”

It seems that she was talking about Synthesis: Season Zero. Synthesis: Season Zero is an optimistic sci-fi drama about a non-profit organization in space. The crew members are descendants of people who centuries ago fled Earth and its crises. Their aim is to unite different worlds in the Galaxy yet they must first unite as a group themselves.

The proof of concept trailer was shot at the beginning of July. Amanda was shooting a couple of episodes of a new Netflix series in Atlanta at that time, so it looks like she wasn’t able to direct after all, due to schedule conflicts. It was instead British/Canadian writer, director, and producer Jem Garrard who directed it. Amanda’s however named as executive producer of the series so we still can hope for some behind the scenes content.

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