Upcoming projects for 2023

Sabrina Furminger uploaded a new episode at YVR Screen Scene with Amanda. They talk about Paris, Motherland: Fort Salem and the Paris Manga convention, among other things. Go to YVR Screen Scene and enjoy the episode. A great way to start the year!

Amanda is still working on the movie or possibly small series Home(less), which she will direct. Home(less) by Trembling Vøid Studio explores the experiences of a young trans man who ages out of the foster care system and ends up on the streets of Vancouver.

She also has a new gig as a director for the series Dead Boy Detectives. Dead Boy Detectives is a spinoff of The Sandman. Two dead boys, Charles and Edwin, don’t cross over to the afterlife but become detectives instead and solve supernatural crimes.

We also finally know the working title of the series she’s been working on for years: Forces of Gravity! Amanda mentioned several times over the past years that she was working on creating a series. It looks like progress is happening with this project, even if slowly.

Hexengeddon, on the other hand, a movie that had listed her as director, seems not to happen anymore, judging by the lack of updates on their social media, the state of the website and the fact that Amanda didn’t mention it when talking about future projects.

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