News from LFCC – Updated

With the Writers Guild of America being forced to strike to fight for a fair contract, Amanda only has one new upcoming project: She’ll be directing a new Canadian series Wild Cards, in the fall. The series is based in Vancouver and is a crime-solving procedural with a comedic twist. It follows Ellis, a detective, and Toni, a scammer, who solve crimes together.

Updated: I nearly forgot this important info: Amanda has told her agents that she’s open to acting again, so maybe we’ll get to see her in front of the camera again!

Updated: There’s a post on social media quoting Amanda saying she will be involved in “the” new Stargate series. That is not true. This post has the information about that.

On a different note: captain-sassy-socks collected videos for the birthday project for Amanda during LFCC. Thank you so much, captain-sassy-socks! If you haven’t participated yet, there’s still time to do so until the end of the month. You can find the info here. Also, I heard that some people were hesitant about doing a video because they felt weird about seeing/hearing themselves. If it helps, only Amanda will see the finished video. If everyone participating is okay with it, all the participants will also get the finished version, but if not, it only will be Amanda. The video will not be public.

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