Amanda Tapping in a Podcast with Brad Wright – Updated

Major Samantha CarterExiting news for Stargate fans!

As she already announced at her recent interview, Amanda Tapping, who played Samantha Carter, will do a podcast with Brad Wright, co-creator of Stargate. Fans who want to ask Amanda and/or Brad a question can do so by submitting a question on The Companion after subscribing to them.

Update May 20:

The Companion published the interview this Thursday. Amanda and Brad talk about Stargate, Travelers, directing and producing as well as about challenges in the industry. Non-subscribers can listen to a preview here while subscribers can listen to the full 70-minutes podcast here.

1 thought on “Amanda Tapping in a Podcast with Brad Wright – Updated”

  1. Hello Amanda, I’m Gary from NJ. Been a long time fan and have a major crush on you…. ooops. Giggles!
    But honestly, is there any sequel in the horizon for a Stargate SG1 reunion movie. I truthfully believe it would be a smash hit. I know you are in new productions and have new scripts on projects, but is it even possible to make a sequel?
    I can’t begin to tell you how much you are loved and how much joy the Stargate movie and series has brought to millions of families in the world.
    I wish you the best of success and congratulations on your new productions.
    Have an awesome day.
    Gary from NJ.


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